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February 2021

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February 13
Gamma Ray Burst and Electromagnetic Pulse
The New 2021 Liturgical Calendar
Scientific findings that are not acceptable to their agenda. Autism, MMR Vaccine

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February 13th, 2021

Gamma Ray Burst and Electromagnetic Pulse

From Mr. B

Maybe the Gamma Rays (1) will come from An Electromagnetic Pulse, EMP, on the Earth not from a burst headed toward us. I have read the Wikipedia article on EMP (2) from a nuclear detonation at 250 or so miles above the central US would cover an area of 1500 miles in all directions. I pray it doesn’t happen. [...] Peace.

Response by Ricardo de Valencia

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

The effects of an artificial EMP explosion (3) are of a much lower magnitude (4) and more localized compared to those of a big Gamma Ray Burst from astronomical sources discussed in the related document (1). However, we cannot discount that the use of EMP bombs is allowed by God as a lesser evil to prevent other greater damage: essentially, to disarm a technology that would serve the great Falsification (5).

In the current state of affairs, we know that modern technology (massive data manipulation, artificial intelligence, cell phones, implanted chips, digital currency, etc.), is the key piece on which the Globalists of the first wave (6) count to implement a "rational" and "humanist" (that is, dispensing with God) totalitarian system. They hope to rule the world through digital control of people, of work, of the economy, etc. - a centralized government introduced under the pretext of a global pandemic (7) and the "need" to save the climate and "the planet" (8).

We also know that this same technology (including social manipulation, video forgery, holograms, etc.) would be an ideal platform for the manifestation of the False Christ (5) in such a convincing manner that even the Elect would be deceived (9).

A big Gamma Ray Burst from outer space or, to a different extent, a world war with extensive use of EMP weaponry, could instantly bring the world to a pre-technological state, making impossible or severely limiting that way (the "technological" way) for the manifestation of a false messiah, as well as bringing to its knees the "humanist" version of the One World Order (10).

Therefore, considering the evil that would be prevented, it seems to us wise to leave it to God to decide whether or not such events, however horrific, are allowed by Him. Let us not forget that, for example, God allowed the deadly "Spanish flu" as a means to end the much more deadly World War I (11).

This does not prevent us from presenting our preferences to God in prayer. We can tell Him that, in our limited knowledge, and wishing that human harm be avoided as much as possible, we would prefer that this or that catastrophe not happen. But it is the most important to tell Him that our sincere desire is that, above our preferences, let His Preferences prevail, (12) since we recognize that His Infinite Wisdom and Loving Care will lead us to the End of These Times with the least possible suffering (13) as he calls His Elect, many still half-deaf and half-blind (14), to return to Him.

(1) About a Gamma Ray Burst. The Only Option Left to God?
(2) Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (
(3) The danger from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Lessons To Be Learned From Puerto Rico.
(4) On the technical side (as inferred from the source 2): EMP bombs are designed so that a large part of the gamma rays produced in the atomic explosion are consumed in the production of the electromagnetic pulse (by interacting with electrons in the atmosphere). Since the gamma rays are consumed in that process, such bombs are expected to produce (over the targeted territory) far fewer gamma rays than a conventional atomic bomb.
(5) The manifestation of The False Christ
(6) The First and Second Wave of Totalitarian Globalism
(7) Index of Documents Regarding the Covid-19 / Coronavirus Scam
(8) The call to "Save the Planet" as a pretext to embrace a One World Government
(9) Staging of The Ultimate Deception by technological means (Part 1) (and Part 2)dd
(10) The attempt to establishment a "humanist" New World Order
(11) Million of soldiers died of Spanish flu - an epidemic that God allowed to end World War I since that was the only way He could without violating our free will and minimize the world suffering while giving it another chance.
(12) How to pray. Making sure to defer to the Will of God.
(13) Understanding the Ways of God as manifested in human suffering || A textbook example
(14) Eyes to See and Ears to Hear. Who Are Those Who Possess Them?

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The New 2021 Liturgical Calendar...

... is already available to all:

New Judeo Christian Liturgical Calendar - Inspired in the Calendar Jesus Used and His Manifestation in Time

New and Traditional Listed Side by Side

The Calendar that Jesus used was the Essene Calendar (1). This is the liturgical calendar we adhere to from the Year 2018 (2). Jesus' Passover Meal did not coincide with that of the Temple Masters (3) because He practiced another kind of Judaism, one that was not adulterated (4). It is time that all Christians learn about the real life of the one, and only, Messiah (5) and what it should mean to those who use the term "Christian" to identify their faith.

(1) New Judeo-Christian Liturgical Calendar. Why? What Does It Mean? Why Is It Spiritually Important?
(2) Compact Calendar for the years 2016 - 2025
(3) The Real Timing of Jesus' Last Passover, His Crucifixion and Burial
(4) The Judaism Jesus ascribed to, and came to uphold before the Temple Masters, was rooted in the same Judaism practiced by the Samaritans
(5) Old Testament Prophecies Identify Jesus as THE ONE and ONLY Messiah

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Scientific findings that are not acceptable to their agenda. Autism, MMR Vaccine

FROM OUR FILES:  Published on January 28th, 2011

From miguel de Portugal

This is how... the "High and Mighty" destroy real scientific findings which are not financially acceptable to their overall agenda.

Documents (1)(2) have emerged today proving the innocence of Dr Andrew Wakefield, the vaccine / autism researcher who has been falsely accused by the British Medical Journal of "fabricating" the study data he published in 1998.

The documents, just made public yesterday, reveal that other researchers replicated his results independently and with documentation, 14 months before Dr Wakefield published his own work.

In a nutshell - Dr. Wakefield found a connection between children with autism and the MMR vaccine (an immunization shot against measles, mumps and rubella which was first developed by Maurice Hilleman while at Merck in the late 1960s.) The British Medical Journal denounced Dr. Wakefield findings as a fabrication - thus a fraud.

Being led astray is the price that those who believe "a face" - in this case the British Medical Journal - must pay. Poor, poor people; without the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, they do not stand a chance.
(1)  Details I
(2)  Details II

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