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September 15th, 2021


Francis condemns political use of religious symbols... except for Marxism

From the news:  (1)

Prešov, Slovakia - Pope Francis on Tuesday [Sept. 14] said that the cross is not a flag to be waved nor a political symbol.

"Let us not reduce the cross to an object of devotion, much less to a political symbol, to a sign of religious and social status", Francis said Sept. 14, when the Catholic Church marks the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

The M+G+R Foundation commentary:

If Francis is really coherent, this means that Francis sees Marxism not as a political matter, but as a part of his faith. Otherwise, he would not have accepted in 2015 a cross mingled with a Marxist - political - symbol.

This further confirm that his sympathy for Communism/Marxism is the basis on which his Universal Fraternity is settled - a "fraternity" he hopes to achieve by invoking worldly powers, not the power of God.

(1) Source, 14-Sep-2021

No to fanaticism, neither from the vaccinated nor from the unvaccinated

Dr. Fleming, physicist, cardiologist and researcher: (1)

“One of the things I do want to make a comment on now is for the people who have not been vaccinated. When you're looking at people who have been vaccinated, step back for just a moment and recognize that many of those people got vaccinated because they were told that this was the only way to protect the people that they loved.

What we need to do is have the intelligence and the compassion necessary to look at those individuals and say, ‘I get it. No judgment.’ If there's a shedding problem or something like that that you're dealing with, there are treatments available that you can look at. I put those on the website (2), too.

But come together and support those people, because they were just doing what they thought was right. Many of them are scared, and they have been made so scared. By the way, what type of country, what type of world, spends so much effort frightening the blazes out of its citizens? That says something.”

Our comment:


(1) "Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? - We’re Battling the Biggest Propaganda Campaign in History" - Dr. Richard Fleming is "a prolific author in addition to being a physicist, a nuclear cardiologist, researcher and attorney"
Treatment Considerations Based Upon the Best Available Evidence Research Results

What you can do if your job mandates the jab

The following is information for U.S. citizens, although we hope that some parts can be reused or serve as inspiration for citizens of other countries:  (1) is a real treasure trove of information that you can surf through. There, you’ll also find sample documents for medical, religious, legal and Constitutional exemptions to vaccination that you can present to your employer, educational institution or anyone else trying to bully you into taking an experimental COVID shot.

(1) Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? - What you can do if your job mandates the jab

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven  [Mt. 5: 3-4]

FROM OUR FILES:  April 4th, 2009

From miguel de Portugal

Let us clarify... what Jesus really meant when He said....

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land. [Matthew 5: 3-4]

He was not necessarily consoling the misery of poverty and marginalization of so many. "Poor" and "meek" are essentially equivalent to "humble" - those whose spirit is not set upon riches. [One can be very rich yet be poor in spirit as well as meek.]

"Posses the land" is also translated in different Bibles as "inherit the Earth" - which is a better translation for the Western culture.

He was not giving false consolation to them with those words - He meant exactly what He said.

Those who make it to Step No. 17 (1) will indeed inherit the Earth - the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (2) - for the "arrogant" will not exist any longer. Those among the Elect (3) who do not make it alive to Step No. 17, will indeed inherit the Kingdom of Heaven (2) - in their case - in Eternity.

Once again - perfect internal and external coherence (4) confirms the reliability of the Word of God when assumed with the Illumination of the Holy Spirit of God. (5)

(1) The Sequence of Events
(2) The Kingdom of God and Its Keys
(3) Who are the Elect?
(4) Coherence is a Key
(5) Understanding the Word of God - Part I and Part II

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