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Brainwashing, Manipulation and Intoxication of Public Opinion

Identified from 1993 up to present time

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Part 1 - Intoxication of Public Opinion - A show-case: Forecasted false Meteorit Storm
A Portuguese daily managed to even trick NASA; Why? - The connection with the Marian Apparitions at Fatima

Part 2 - An Expert's Report on Mental Reprogramming and Hypnotic Techniques
How to Conduct Seemingly Real Spiritual Conversions - Know it from Mr. Sutphen's professional experience

Part 3 - Psycho-social interventions - A show-case: Serbians' strategy to psychologically destroy the Muslims and Croatians
Psycho-social interventions under deliberate, conscious and scientific counsel

Part 4 - Intoxication of Public Opinion - Four Examples, including: The Pentagon announcing, ahead of time, that they will lie to the public

Part 5 - Instantaneous Brainwash Procedure - The Milgram Experiment at Yale University
On the willingness of people to obey an authority figure

Part 6 - Other Related Documents published on Our Domain about Brainwashing and Manipulation

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