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Part 6

Brainwashing, Manipulation and Intoxication of Public Opinion

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In addition to the documents which are part of this Series, we have compiled in the following Index the many documents we have published regarding Brainwashing, Manipulation and Intoxication of Public Opinion.

For easy of consultation and reference, we have sorted them in groups, although many of these documents could perfectly fall in serveral categories simultaneously.

Psychological War

Using Psywar Against the Taliban - Welcome to the other war - By Douglas Waller
There's another war going on in Afghanistan, one you don't need missiles or bullets to win

Also see: Part 3 and Part 4 of this Series.

Psychological Studies related to Brainwashing

Cognitive Dissonance - Why we do irrational things - How and why we lie to ourselves
A social psychological experiment of Festinger and Carlsmith demonstrates how and why we lie to ourselves

The Halo Effect: When global evaluations about a person bleed over into judgments about their specific traits
The necessity of being receptive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God to avoid such snares.

Also see: Part 2 and Part5 of this Series.

Technology for Psychological Manipulation

Soundless Sound System - It seems like sound is coming from inside your head
"There's no speaker, but when I point this pad at you, you will hear the music I am playing on my device"

Brainwashing, Cults and Sects

A Psychiatric Case Study on Religious Fanaticism and Brainwashing
Psychiatric Evaluation of a "Monk" Requesting Castration - A Patient's Fable, with Morals

The Opus Dei according to Maria del Carmen Tapia
Former head of the women's branch of Opus Dei exposes the hidden truths

Simple questions to ask yourself before joining an overly zealous religious group
"What would Jesus say?" if confronted with such groups

How to discern sectarian groups within organized religions - Brainwash in eight very easy steps
How to prevent being brainwashed - Know your enemy!

Difference between a Sect and a Cult
To avoid falling into the trap of mindless name calling we thought it appropriate to let impartial sources decide: well known dictionaries.

Media Manipulation

The Control of the Media by The World Masters
When the death of a globally high profiled individual —who is exposing every dirty trick of the World Masters— is kept under wraps by the media worldwide...

Media missing new evidence about (the apparent) Genoa Violence at the July 2001 G8 Summit
Another major disinformation campaign - Police in Genoa, Italy, have admitted to fabricating evidence against globalization activists

How the Media manipulates the numbers affecting the Markets and World Economy
When all one hearead on the news - printed or on TV or on radio or in the Internet - was about the "bankruptcy trinity": Greece, Portugal and Spain.

How photographs can be used to manipulate public opinion without using Photoshop
Check out fifteen manipulated photos for yourself

When truth in the news no longer matters
Reports in 2004 on a huge explosion and a mushroom cloud that towered over a remote corner of North Korea... discounted by Western media as "not the result of a nuclear explosion"

Internet Manipulation

How the Internet is used to create a (false) reality for you
How our perception of reality is manipulated so that it becomes what we want our reality to be.

Google Rules the World
The power of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to influence the minds of their subjects.

Mass Deception for Political Control

The strings that move your vote - How easy you can be manipulated
The so-called filter bubble identifies the part of the electoral program with which you might agree, and bombard you with that idea alone.

The apparent freedom through the concept of Democracy - The Ultimate Opiate For the Masses
The 20th century appears to be the most "Democratic" century of human history... yet it was the bloodiest and most brutal century of the history of mankind.

Lying to the public regarding the real purpouse of Iraq War
The public is deceived, but not so the world powers

Mass Brainwashing and identified agendas

The Real Objective of Terrorism - A Police State?
The real objective of the Terrorist Campaign is to gain Absolute Control of The World

The Coronavirus Scam (Part 5) - The Coronavirus Crisis Master Plan. Globalization. World Economic Forum. Opus Dei.
The verifiable details of the Coronavirus Game Plan, including their "What If" options covering all eventualities to their planss

Also see: Part 1 of this Series.

Psychological control over wold leaders

Joaquín Navarro-Valls, psychiatrist, the official spokesman for The Vatican
-and- Original New York Times Article by J. Tagliabue

Related to Religious Deception

A defrocked Episcopalian priest promotes a religion that combines Christian mysticism, yoga, the big bang theory, socialism, and techno music
An Example of Religious Perversion and Mass Psycho-Manipulations

The attempt to harness Prophesied Supernatural Events to gain Manipulative Control Worldwide (and Part 2)
How the known dates were going to be used to manipulate the faithful

The Harry Potter Phenomena - Programming the youth to believe in Black Magic and accept it as "a wise thing to do"
The real problem is not Harry Potter - The problem is the lack of proper spiritual formation

Manipulative Technology for staging the False Christ

Leonardo da Vinci the Android - A recipe for a False Christ Manifestation
A way to manufacture the False Christ and pass him as the real Christ

Staging the Ultimate Deception - Technology ready for The Falsification of the Second Coming of Christ (and Part 2)
Technological Advances showing how easy would be to remotely and neurologically control anyone's mind

The Elect are in Real Danger of Being Lost - Therefore... God Will Act Soon
Includes: (a) Deep Fake - alteration of videos that can be undetectable; (b) Cambridge Analytic - Influencing public and individual opinions through Facebook; (c) Artificial Telepathy - To remotely gather and collect human intelligence from the brain signals of other human beings

Related to The False Christ

Discerning the False Christ - Thirteen questions to ask; six miracles to seek
What will you do if you face a situation like this soon? The time is the very near future. The world is in chaos, and seems to be ending.

The Ultimate Deceit - The Manifestation of the False Christ
The proper identification of the False Christ is imperative for the faithful not to fall into an irreversible error.

Alteration or Suppresion of Published Works

How editors manipulate original texts to suit their agenda
How authors may be misrepresented by publishers

Who really authored Pope John Paul II's "Crossing the Threshold of Hope"?
An analysis concerning whether Pope John Paul II authored the book "Crossing the Threshold of Hope" or was it authored by someone else under the Pope's name.

How the truth is suppressed to protect the status quo, no matter the cost
The show-case of William H. Bates, an opthalmologist who proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that most vision problems could be resolved without eye glasses

The Three Sr. Lucias and the Replacement of Pope Paul VI
About a replacement of the original Sister Lucia of Fatima of the original Pope Paul VI.

The text of the Secret of Fatima has been shamelessly modified
A comparison with the real original handwritten text which appeared in Sr. Lucia's earlier Memoirs

Related to Religious Deception

The Demise of the Faith - Its consequences, religious and political
If someone showed you in an easily confirmed scientific way that most of the Old Testament was not the product of Divine Revelation, but a brilliant product of human imagination, what would the effects be?

The war against Faith - The attacks from outside
Dead Sea Scrolls, etc. - Are our religious feelings just a product of how the brain works? - Science "discoveries" that allegedly disarm the Faith

Related to Marian Apparitions

The conspiracy to discredit the Apparitions in Fatima and its Messages
The conspiracy against Fatima and other global conspiracies - Their relationship

The Third Part of the Secret of Fátima - Disinformation Campaign
When Fátima is discredited, all other Apparitions will be discredited by association

Regarding Garabandal and the Last Pope
About conflicting information circulating around regarding the "Prophecy of the Three Popes"

The Intoxication of Garabandal
The subtle intoxication of the Authentic Communications delivered through San Sebastián de Garabandal

The final blow to Marian Apparitions
A book has been published which could very well be "the proof" needed to "expose" Marian Apparitions as mere interventions by "gifted" human beings

Also see: Part 1 of this Series.

An Index of Conspiracies

Religious and Political alleged Conspiracies

Index Page on Brainwashing

On Brainwashing and Intoxication of Public Opinion

Part 1 - Intoxication of Public Opinion - A show-case: Forecasted false Meteorit Storm

Part 2 - An Expert's Report on Mental Reprogramming and Hypnotic Techniques

Part 3 - Psycho-social interventions - A show-case: Serbians' strategy to destroy their enemies

Part 4 - Intoxication of Public Opinion - The Pentagon announcing, ahead of time, that they will lie to the public

Part 5 - Instantaneous Brainwash Procedure - The Milgram Experiment to obey an authority figure

Part 6 - Other Related Documents published on Our Domain

Index Page on Brainwashing

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