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Selected Quotations from MMP's To the Priests - Our Lady's Beloved Sons

The Pope of My Secret - No. 449 [May 13, 1991]

(c) Today I confirm for you that this is the Pope of my secret; the Pope about whom I spoke to the children during the apparitions;...

(f) When this Pope will have completed the task which Jesus has entrusted to him and I will come down from Heaven to receive his sacrifice, all of you will be cloaked in a dense darkness of apostasy, which will then become general.

(g) There will remain faithful only that little remnant... that will have the task of receiving Christ, who will return to you in glory, bringing about in this way the beginning of the new era which awaits you.

Why Am I Still Weeping? - No. 362 [September 15, 1987]

(g)...A chastisement worse than the flood is about to come upon this poor and perverted humanity. Fire will descend from heaven and this will be the sign that the justice of God has as of now fixed the hour of his great manifestation.

I Am Coming Down from Heaven - No. 425 [May 13, 1990]

(c) Russia has not been consecrated to me by the Pope together with all the bishops and thus she has not received the grace of conversion...

(i) Humanity will live through the moment of its great chastisement and thus will be made ready to receive the Lord Jesus who will return to you in glory.

I Have Wanted You Here - No. 489 [March 15, 1993]

(f) Humanity will know the bloody hour of its chastisement; it will be stricken with the scourge of epidemics, of hunger and of fire; much blood will be spilt upon your roads; war will spread everywhere, bringing down upon the world incommensurable devastation.

My Secret - No. 539 [March 11, 1995]

(g) I want you spiritually here with me, because as of now you are entering into the last period of time of this century of yours, when the events which I have predicted to you will come to their complete fulfillment.

(k) Humanity will reach the summit of corruption and impiety, of rebellion against God and of open opposition to his law of love. It will know the hour of its greatest chastisement, which has already been foretold to you by the prophet Zechariah. [Zec 13:7-9]

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