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Divine Mercy painting by Adolf Hyla

Father, I come to You this day asking You, in Jesus Name, to take me just as I am and transform me into the creature that You desire me to be.

Please send Your Holy Spirit to guide me throughout this day. O Lord, help me to be myself, striving to be better, and to look forward, in thanksgiving, to You, Father, for all Your blessings around me.

I ask Your help in honesty, to You, myself and others.

I ask for the Grace to admit my faults.

I ask Your forgiveness and Your Mercy and accept Your great love.

I ask You to help me read Your Word, Lord Jesus, and grant me the Grace to go by Your promises and acts, not my feelings.

Please help me today, Lord, to take the opportunities You give me to share the goodness You have given me with others.

I thank You for this day, Lord, and for the additional time that You have given me.

Please help me to use it for Your Honor and your Glory, in Jesus Name.


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