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The Marian Apparitions - A Summary

We have become a world of Marian Apparition supporters and detractors. It has become a Holy Melodrama. With so much positive and negative attention on the events, we are overlooking the messages.

Perfect Harmony Among Them

What is Mary, the Mother of the Son of God telling us?

The Basic Message is for the faithful to:

+ Engage in Prayer and Fasting.

+ Make the Sacraments an integral part of our lives.

+ Offer acts of Penance and Reparation. Particularly: Eucharistic Reparation.

+ Align our lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

+ Offer acts of Reparation and Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart.

These are the key elements throughout all apparitions.

We must remember... whether is "Our Lady of Fátima" or "Our Lady of Lourdes" or "Our Lady of Medjugorje" there is only one Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ.

If we had embraced the Gospel of Her Son as She requested through La Salette (1) and Fátima (2), the world would not be in the condition it is now nor humanity would be at the verge of annihilation.

A priest who ministered in the Sanctuary of Fátima had the perfect answer to the typical question regularly posed to him then: "Do you believe in Akita (3); in Medjugorge; in Rosa Mystica (4); in Garabandal (5); San Nicolas; Conyers (6); etc.?"

His answer, invariably, was: "Are you doing what Our Lady of Fátima requested?" (2)

The answer is usually in the negative and is quickly followed by a litany of seemingly valid reasons.

Then, why bother with the latest episode of the Holy Melodrama? Talking about Scriptures, Marian Apparitions, Commandments, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, etc. will not fulfill the urgent calls from Heaven. We Must Do, Not Talk! We Must Obey! This may be why...

Why The Tremendous Urgency?

Time is running out. What was predicted in the third part of the Fátima Message (7) (the famous "Secret") - not the incomplete message advanced by The Vatican (8) - is being fulfilled. Our dear Mother is trying to prepare Her children to endure what is to come and the fulfillment of the mysterious words uttered by Our Lord through the Fátima phenomena (9).

Regarding the issue of the acceptance by Heaven of the Consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary in March 25, 1984, we must ask ourselves this question...

"... has the global situation - politically, financially, socially or morally - improved in any way since March 25, 1984?"

The answer is an indisputable "No"!

However, whether it was accepted or not or whether it was done exactly as it was supposed to is really a mute point. Even before this last Consecration (1984), in an interview with Sister Lucia by "El Sol de Fátima" [Ref.(4), p.11] conducted shortly after the May 13, 1982 Consecration, when asked about the validity of its format and the possible effect said Consecration would have, she answered: "Yes. But is late." Actually, any consecration done after World War II started is to be considered "too late".

This is confirmed by the fact that in every single front the global situation has continued to deteriorate to the breaking point. We do not have to split hairs nor get into arguments - our civilization is at the breaking point. Never, in the history of mankind has the entire globe become so close to self destruction, as it is now.

We must remind those who deny the real condition of our world that most alcoholics who die of that dreaded disease expire while claiming that they do not have a drinking problem.

Let us now go to Chapters 5 and 6 and take an analytical look at a few key and Selected Apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

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Appendix 2 - Marian Apparitions and The Roman Catholic Church - Obviously The Response To Our Lady Of Fátima Was Not Appropriate

Rough draft completed during Easter Week in 1993 while in Fátima, Portugal • Overall Revision on May 2018

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