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New Documents  Released Up To May 27th, 2007

For a Novena to St. Michael the Archangel Click anywhere on the image.

Document Published On: May 27th, 2007 [Pentecost Sunday]
satan's most common snare - The Co-Dependency Syndrome. A liberating revelation.

Document Published On: May 24th [Mary, Help of Christians + Mary of the Path]

Time to review and confirm the Blue Army Pledge

Document Published On: May 21st 
The Will of God - How to discern it on an ongoing basis.

Note Posted On: May 19th  [Mary, Queen of the Apostles]

If you believe that you are in our Mailing List and are  not receiving any mailings, please let us know and we will advise you what may be the problem and how to correct it.  If you are not in our Main Mailing List and wish to be added to it, do let us know.

Posted On: May 17th  [Feast of the Ascension]

What every devoted child of God should know...  but many, unfortunately, do not is The Most Effective Ways to Pray.  Good and effective prayer, with its miraculous results, will reinforce the Faith of the faithful. Many have "the 800 toll free number of Heaven" but do not know how to dial it.

Document Published On: May 13th [90th Anniversary of First Apparition of Mary in Fatima]
As we mark the 90th Anniversary of the first Apparition of Mary in Fatima, Portugal, it behooves Catholic and non Catholics alike - as well as self proclaimed atheists - to review the documents that we have published regarding  Our Lady at Fatima.

For those who may, with good reason, think that the Fatima phenomena was an invention of the Roman Catholic Church - think again. The fact that the Church Administration could technically be processed as an accessory to the greatest genocide known to man because of their negligence, may just change your mind.

Document Published On: May 10th
In a continuing effort to ward off evil, thus minimize the suffering of the Elect, we have published The Chaplet of St. Michael.

It had been published for some time in Spanish and Portuguese yet we had overlooked the fact that it was not published in English.

Posted On: May 8th
We certainly cannot blame God, nor solely blame organized religion, for the problems that face the world today; each one of us must assume the responsibility that God placed in our hands when He gave us our inviolable Free Will. "We the People" are "We the Government" - The responsibility is ours individually, just as individually as it will be when we stand before The Throne of Judgment

Document Published On: May 3rd

Only if we understand what triggers the persecution of Christians, in general, and Catholics, in particular, we can do something about it.

Announcement Published On: April 30th

We did not say that our Domains were going to be withdrawn or documents removed. God Is the One Who makes the decisions here and He made clear His position about this some time ago. What we said is exactly what may be read below.

Announcement Published On: April 27th

Since we continue to lack the physical support necessary to function in an appropriate manner and fulfill our God given Charter, we are cutting back in the areas that we are able to do so. Attending correspondence is one of those areas.

Any correspondence addressed to us will be looked at eventually, although an individual response will no longer be possible except in very rare occasions.

Document Published On: April 24th

Old Testament Prophecies Identify Jesus as THE ONE and ONLY Messiah - An Undeniable Fact

Document Published On: April 18th

Obviously the War on Terrorism continues to be lost by the West.  Obviously neither ignoring the threat nor walking away will be to mankind's best interests.  Where are those who, beating their chests, proudly proclaim to be followers of Jesus Christ? This IS the only way of really winning it.

Document Published On: April 13th

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven - What Are They and Who Holds Them?

Document Published On: April 8th -  Easter Sunday - 2007

A Message of Hope and Consolation for this Easter... and forever!
[Link no longer available; 2022]

Document Published On: April 6th -  Good Friday - 2007

The Passion of Christ as if were reported Live by the 21st Century Media. A reflection of our hardened hearts.

Document Published On: April 5th -  Holy Thursday - 2007

As the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ approaches and satan's ultimate deception - the False Christ - logically is in the last stages of preparation, we have published a new document carefully highlighting every Old and New Testament Prophecy regarding the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This New and Critical Document may be counted among those which will be pivotal in avoiding falling for satan's ultimate deception - adoring him as he presents himself as the Christ.

Remember that Jesus warned us that the deception will be so great that even the Elect would fall for it unless He shortened the time we will be exposed to it [Mark 13:20-21].  The deception will be that good!

Document Published On: April 1st -  Palm Sunday - 2007

As the world moves towards the brink of annihilation we strongly suggest that, in keeping with what we have already revealed regarding our active involvement in the redemption of humanity, we offer the Novena of Mercy starting next Friday - Good Friday.

This is the least we can do as a token of our appreciation for the suffering Jesus, and that of His Holy Mother Mary, endured  to give us an opportunity to Eternal Life. Notice that we stated "opportunity"; do not make the common mistake that it is, borrowing from American slang to better express it, "a done deal", because it is not.

Document Published On:  March 26th

As we prepare to enter in Holy Week we recommend the assiduous practice of the devotion of the Via Crucis [Stations of the Cross]

Document Published On:  March 18th

We have added and important NOTE to a certain  document about the reality of Garabandal.  We recommend a careful review of the NOTE as well as of the original document - even if it was read in the past.

Document Published On:  March 13th

What is the meaning of "Sacrifice once and forever" when we refer to Jesus' Sacrifice in Calvary in relation with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Document Published On:  March 9th

We strongly recommend a review of The Remaining Old Testament Prophecies yet to be fulfilled; prophecies which clearly indicate the conditions set fort for before and after the Second Coming of Christ. We continue to come across those who, thinking that their Eyes and Ears have been opened,  are still very easy prey for the snares that lie ahead.

Document Published On:  March 2nd

Now that satan has engaged the History Channel to promote the idea that "There are prophecies and oracles from around the world that all seem to point to December 21, 2012 as doomsday. based on the Mayan Calendar", we recommend the Faithful to review the document we prepared some time ago addressing such notion: Such doomsday prediction is wrong and  here is why.

Document Published On:  February 24th

We are launching a new page - Public Forum - Part II. The purpose of this Public Forum - Part II is to publish communications sent to us, communications which require no response from us, yet, we feel that their content is beneficial for the spiritual health of the Faithful.

Document Published On:  February 21st [Ash Wednesday]

In this Holy Period that Christians have just entered into today - instead of focusing on the many rituals of the Faith which, obviously, have been carried out in a luke warm manner for centuries - the Faithful should focus on two of the Key Pillars of the Faith: (1) God is here to help us, not to condemn us; and (2) His "road map" for our journey in time is flawless.

Then - not out of habit, but out of a burning desire to be more united to God - the many rituals of the Faith associated with the Lenten Period will be naturally embraced, not as just another set of cultural rituals, but as for what they really are - a vehicle to a better union with God.

Document Published On:  February 17th

Now that "Cardinal" Egan's name is in the news again as the result of his highly improper handling of the Faithful in the churches that he is closing down due to financial problems, it may be prudent to review Egan's record.

Document Published On:  February 14th

The Divine Protection was visible at Hiroshima  and well covered up by organized religion to the continued detriment of the disoriented Faithful. A key to our protection remains in our hands but the best of keys do not open doors if not utilized.

Document Published On:  February 8th

The Old Catholic Movement may be the answer to many  who are fleeing the collapsing Church of Rome.  "Holy" and "pious" new Roman Catholic Movements are not the answer.

God gave the Roman Church a Divine Transfusion through the work of Don John Bosco  but, unfortunately, the "needle" (The Roman Church Administration) used for the transfusion was very "infected" and the Divine Transfusion did not have the intended effect.

Document Published On:  February 5th

An objective review of the Fruits of the Opus Dei and the questions that one must ask when coerced to join a very "devout" and "pious" Church group.

Document Published On:  January 27th

Lee Penn, author of  False Dawn,  issues warning about Opus Dei

Document Published On:  January 25th [The Conversion of St. Paul]

Why does it appear that God does not hear our prayers or just simply ignore them?   Click Here and find out why and what can you do about it so that your life becomes all that God intended it to be.

Document Published On:  January 20th

As the result of the assistance received from one of the long time members of The M+G+R Foundation Family we have been able to (finally!) publish   The Judeo-Christian Religious Days of Note for the Year 2007 .

Document Published On:  January 17th

On this month, January 2007, to date, we have seen one document break every record for the most downloaded document in the same time period. The document is  The Papacy In Historical Perspective  - The Seldom Told History.
This apparent anomaly brings to mind what was taking place - behind the scenes - before the sexual abuse and its cover up within the Roman Catholic Church blew up in the Vatican's face.

However, never forget that "the Vatican" nor the "Roman Catholic Church Administration" can taint or nullify the spiritual benefits found in the Pristine Catholic Faith. Be sure to never ever "throw out the baby with the bath water."

Document Published On:  January 11th

The mystery of how a disgraced and seriously tainted Cardinal Law became the master of the Flagship of the Immaculate One - the Basilica of Mary Major in Rome -  may have been solved.

Document Published On:  January 6th [The Epiphany of Our Lord]

The Mayan Calendar implies the end of the world will take place on December 21, 2012. Good try, satan! The reader does not have to "know m de P's face" to believe what we expose - if you can read, you will believe.

Document Published On:  December 31st [The Eve of the Year 2007]

A Message for the transition from the year 2006 to the year 2007.

Document Published On:  December 27th [Feast of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist]

The claim that the world is over populated is no more than myth with which to erode the remaining shreds of the basic tenets of the Catholic Faith. Without a doubt, many of the Catholic Faith Administrators should be thrown out like the proverbial "bath water"; however, we must be very careful not to throw out the proverbial "baby" - the Catholic Faith - with it.

Document Published On:  December 24-25th at Midnight UT [7 PM EST]

It is the Will of God that on this Holiest of Nights His children be informed that on October 13, 1991, at the pre dawn Mass at the Church of the Annunciation, the manifestation of what He promised through the prophet Malachias: Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.  And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers: lest I come, and strike the earth with anathema.  began to unfurl as miguel de Portugal left the world behind to answer His call.

May all who have Eyes to See, see,  and Ears to Hear, hear, for the time of His return is indeed at hand:

 Behold he cometh, saith the Lord of hosts.  And who shall be able to think of the day of his coming? and who shall stand to see him? for he is like a refining fire, and like the fuller's herb: And he shall sit refining and cleansing the silver, and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and shall refine them as gold, and as silver, and they shall offer sacrifices to the Lord in justice. 4 And the sacrifice of Juda and of Jerusalem shall please the Lord, as in the days of old, and in the ancient years. And I will come to you in judgment, and will be a speedy witness against sorcerers, and adulterers, and false swearers, and them that oppress the hireling in his wages; the widows, and the fatherless: and oppress the stranger, and have not feared me, saith the Lord of hosts.

Document Published On:  December 22nd

On December 15, Rev. Cantalamessa, the preacher to Benedict XVI’s household, proposed a Church-wide day of penance for the clerical sex abuse scandal.  We refute it and outline the penance that God demands.
Of course, our proposal will be rejected and that is why, the Mystical Body of Christ - the Church - will be crucified.

Document Published On:  December 19th

For what is to come, and is at the door already: What is the best way to be prepared?
Brethren, this is not a joking matter!

Document Published On:  December 11th [Eve of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe]

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is unquestionably co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of All Graces. Do not expect The Vatican to make an official pronouncement on this issue - It is just as "Politically Incorrect" as Consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and, as it has been proven over the Centuries, it is Mammon whom they serve, regardless of the cost of human lives.

Therefore, miguel de Portugal has done so in the Name of God. You may "not know miguel de Portugal's face" but, be assured, he is not the one who is
"drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus." [Revelations 17:6]

Document Published On:  December 5th

THIS IS exactly why we should not be wasting our time chasing down comets and asteroids that will hit the Earth. We should use the time left more constructively in building a better relationship with God.

Document Published On:  November 25th [Eve of the Feast of Christ the King]

God has allowed us to now release an easy to understand description of   satan's "Secret Weapon" and how it has been carefully assembled over the last five decades and how it is being used.

Document Published On:  November 23rd [Thanksgiving Day]

The History of Thanksgiving and What this Holy Day Should Mean to Us

Document Published On:  November 18th [Mary, Mother of Divine Providence]

Selected and Highly Recommended Prayers that - We Wish to Share With You

Document Published On:  November 9th [Dedication of the Basilica of St. John of Lateran] 

The Falsification of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - Confirmed Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Document Published On:  November 7th [Mid Term Election Day in the USA] 

About Deception - Only Understanding Its Magnitude Can the Faithful Avoid Being Victimized by It

Document Published On:  November 1st [All Saints Day]  

The time has finally come for An Exposé of the Core Belief of The Jehovah's Witnesses

Document Published On:  October 30th  

While most of the Western world focus on Halloween - ghosts and ghouls - let the Elect focus in the greatest of virtues - Charity - by taking advantage of a true gem found in the Indulgence Treasury of Catholicism. Let us prove to God our generosity by  praying for the prompt release of the souls in Purgatory.  Remember, they can no longer do anything for themselves although they can assist us through their prayers. You do not need to pay anyone to buy this great Gift - It is totally free if you are willing to give it - it only takes an act of your free will.

Document Published On:  October 21st [Feast of Mary's Presentation]  

As the enemies of God have been waiting for, miguel de Portugal has spoken infallibly.  Of course, if he has not, then Christianity is just but a fading mirage. You can be the judge... keeping Gamaliel's counsel  [Acts 5: 34-39] very much in mind.

Document Published On:  October 18th  [Feast of St. Luke, The Evangelist]  

In celebration of the Feast of St. Luke and in view of the world news and well programmed and orchestrated rumors and fears about the end of the world, we recommend a prayerful review of the very timely documents that we have listed in our  End Corner.  The reader will be well informed as well as relieved. Remember - Fear, despair and condemnation is never from God.

Document Published On:  October 16th  [Feast of Mary's Purity]  

For a "Reading" about what  the visitors to The M+G+R Foundation Site are most interested in, Click Here [The link that was here has been cancelled] and view the listing of the twenty-four most visited documents for the month of September. Although 30 % of the documents visited were in Portuguese, we only have a very small fraction of documents in Portuguese.  Only 53 % of the documents visited were in English although the overwhelming majority of our publications are in English

Such interest, as measured  by the Portuguese audience, brings to mind Mary's words about the Faith and Portugal as well as the post 9-11 Spiritual State of the English speaking world.

Document Published On:  October 9th  [First Nuclear Test by North Korea]

We have added an important NOTE to our long forgotten document about the Supernatural Manifestations at Conyers, Georgia.  We encourage one and all to review said document.

Document Published On:  October 7th  [First Saturday and Feast of the Holy Rosary ]

When we ask of God, we must be sure that we will receive what we asked for. How He goes about providing it can be most interesting.

The manifestation of the invention that we found and are sharing with you is a prime example of why we  must  do what we can
and then leave the rest to God for He will surely handle it!

Document Published On:  October 2nd [Feast of the Guardian Angels]

In celebration of the Feast of the Guardian Angels for the year 2006, we wish to encourage one and all to offer prayers of Thanksgiving to the Great Archangel Michael. From this ancient and very  lengthy prayer to Michael the Archangel segments may be selected and offered from time to time in appreciation for what he does for us on behalf of God.  Let us not forget that he is the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts and whose very name means "Who Is Like Unto God?" [Who dares to pretend to be an equal to God!]

Document Published On:  September  21st

As the clock ticks and the Media relentlessly confirm the prophecies, we encourage the Elect to review two key documents which we published within the last year: "Are We There Yet?" and the logical follow up, "It IS About That Time". Then, be reminded about "What Can We Do?"

Document Published On:  September 17th

As Ratzinger tries to explain that what he quoted - thus endorsed in the context used - about Islam,  we encourage the Elect to be well informed about the fundamental teachings of Islam. Teachings which ascribe the Virgin Mary, proclaimed by them as the Immaculate One, greater importance than the Catholic Faith has ever given Her. 

Let the Elect not fall in the same trap Ratzinger did by throwing stones without first checking if the roof over his head was made out of glass. In reality, he fell into a double snare because of the Infallibility claim the Church Administration insist upon.

But then again, as we have often said - even satan must serve God, because God is above all and rules all.

Document Published On:  September 14th [Celebration of the Triumph of the Cross]

As we celebrate the Triumph of the Cross, we must remember that before that Triumph there was a Via Crucis. However, we must be encouraged by the thought that our personal via crucis are to be lived one step at a time... and, if we take each step while  following Him, then any suffering will be minimized, without question.

 Rejoice!, Step No. 17 is truly within sight!

Document Published On:  September 8th [Celebration of the Birth of the Virgin Mary our True Mother]

As the sexual abuse scandal stories continue to occupy prime time in the media, only to be surpassed by Opus Dei stories, as related to the now famous The DaVinci Code, it seems very odd that both blockbuster stories have not been connected. To fill such void we are publishing, through the courtesy of SCP Magazine, a segment of an article written by Mr. Lee Penn which will be in the current issue said magazine. We have titled that segment of Mr. Penn's article The Response of the Opus Dei to the Priestly Sex Abuse Scandal.

Document Published On:  September 1st

We wish to bring to the attention of the Elect a document written by Mr. Lee Penn which contains theo-political information that becomes more and more relevant as "the clock ticks on".  The Myths About the Papacy  We wish to encourage fanatics and those on denial not to review this document - as we stated above, it is only for the Eyes of the Elect.

Document Published On:  August 28th

To assist those who are trying to make "heads and tails" of what is going on in the world, we wish to bring to the attention to new visitors to our Domain The Game Plan.  Once you read it and review the contents of the Links from it, you will view most every news report from a totally different perspective.  For those who have already reviewed it in the past - we recommend a second and third reading; even miguel de Portugal finds new information in the document he himself wrote in the Name of God.

Document Published On:  August 22nd [Feast of the Queenship of Mary]

As a matter of course we do no evaluate nor issue opinions of the ever-increasing rivers of Apocalyptic Domains, a situation which keep reminding us of Revelations 12:15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth after the woman, water as it were a river; that he might cause her to be carried away by the river.
However, three Domain have been brought to our attention about which we must comment - even if it is in very general terms.
Document Published On:  August 17th
At last - the mystery has been solved.... and we now know where did Cain wife came from.  After all, after he killed Abel, according to the "literal" census taken of the world at that time, there were only three individuals: Adam, Eve and Cain.

Scientists rejoice! Creationism and Evolution walk hand-in-hand.  However, we regret to inform the Opus Dei philes that still no one can serve God and Mammon - and never will!

Document Published On:  August 10th

What has been amply prophesied God reconfirms it now speaking from nearly 2900 years ago.  But, who is really paying attention? Only they are; and for them only is for whom we exist.

Document Published On:  August 9th

Now that Archbishop Milingo is back out on the Scandal Limelight, it may be wise to review   a document we published back in the year 2000.  It may shed some light on other pressing issues besides Archbishop Milingo's agendas.

Document Published On:  August 4-5th - [First Friday of the Month , Feast of Our Lady of the Snows and First Saturday of the Month]

We have received a very disturbing note regarding an official statement through the official Garabandal center (Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Inc.) where it is claimed, in the following terms: "NO THIRD WORLD WAR" - Our Lady Said at Garabandal.
This statement is so serious that we have addressed it in a  New Document

Document Published On:  August 1st

The words "fanatic" and "fanaticism" have become two of the most used words in the mainstream languages of the world. As it happens in most cases, we repeat words without really comprehending its meaning. We have come across the most accurate definition of   "Fanatic" and "Fanaticism" A definition which is so comprehensive that it shows how Fanaticism merges in Idolatry. We highly recommend a prayerful review of such enlightened explanation.

Document Published On:  July 24th

A complete and easy to use Index of the documents appearing in this Domain have been graciously prepared by one of our assiduous readers.  Through  This Index the visitor will have at his/her fingertips all the information necessary to safely navigate through the End of These Times.

Document Published On:  July 20th

As the Middle East spins out of control - most likely for the last time - it behooves one and all to understand the workings of Divine Justice so that there are no surprises nor "Why Lord?" moans and groans, for, we assure you, they will be ignored.

Document Published On:  July 16th  [Our Lady of Mt Carmel]

Even the level-headed Media is beginning to catch on that we are at the edge of the abyss.... and that was back on January 2006!

We advise the "potatoes" out there to trade the "couch" for a recliner and  start praying.  The myth that "it is never too late" does not apply when one is standing before the Throne of Judgment of that God Whom most only gave lip service.  If you doubt us, ask the five virgins [Matthew 25: 1-13] that had no oil for their lamps when they needed it the most... while keeping in mind that those who had the oil
did not share it with them.

Document Published On:  July 13th  [Mary, Rosa Mystica]

The foundation of the real "GOOD NEWS" may be found here, and the best part of them it is that Jesus will help you every step of the way in making them an integral part of your life.

Although delivered 2000 years ago, they still have not been properly delivered to the poor suffering humanity. Wait no more!


Document Published On:  July 9th  [Mary, Miraculous Mother]

Miguel de Portugal viewed the Da Vinci Code film when it premiered in Portugal - one day earlier than in most (if not all) of the world - on its first showing  of May 18th.

His comments,  mailed to our List on the 19th, may be reviewed  by  Clicking Here.

Document Published On:  July 7th

As the logical result of our publication regarding the identity of the AntiChrist many valid questions were asked and comments made. We have now compiled such questions and comments with the appropriate responses. Such compilation may be accessed by  Clicking Here.

Document Published On:  June 30th

In the year 1996, Cardinal Ratzinger made a public statement about the Messages of Fátima which were quite disturbing because of the negative effect it would have on the Faithful. At that time,  Miguel de Portugal was moved to write to him about his statements with copies to the Hierarchy and Media. You may access the beginning of the letter by Clicking Here and then move through the letter-report from the Link at the bottom of the first page.

Document Published On:  June 4th

For the Glory of God, and the benefit of those who have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear, we hereby announce today who has occupied the position of the antiChrist, the man who will be the forerunner of the False Christ.

Document Published On:  June 2nd

We have now published in English a document which was originally sent, in its Spanish version, to the Presidents of all Episcopal Conferences of Latin America in 1997.
In this document we scientifically explain the reality of the hypostatic union; the reality that Jesus is - God AND Man from His very conception in Time. This is an effort to counter the neo-theologian movement which continues to attempt to bring down Jesus to the mere mortal level.

The document may be accessed by Clicking Here

Document Published On:  May 25th

May the Peace of God continue to be upon you!

In honor of the Ascension of Our Lord, we have published a document from guest author Charles Upton. Mr. Upton
covers, from a different angle than we did in our earlier document, the serious implications and consequences of the
"Gospel" of Judas.

You may access the new document by Clicking Here

Announcement Published On:  May 16th

On September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM, President George Herbert Walker Bush spoke before a joint session of Congress, regarding the Persian Gulf War. Among other topics, he stated that the war presented an opportunity for a "New World Order" to emerge.


A hundred generations have searched for this elusive path to peace, while a thousand wars raged across the span of human endeavor. Today, that new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we have known, a world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle, a world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice, a world where the strong respect the rights of the weak.

This is the vision that I shared with President Gorbachev in Helsinki. He and other leaders from Europe, the gulf, and around the world understand that how we manage this crisis today could shape the future for generations to come.

Full Address

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