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Posted On: January 18th- 2006

As the homosexual theme movie "Brokeback Mountain" wins four Golden Globe awards and a homophobic wave sweeps across Europe we suggest a review of our document about Homosexuality Within the Biblical ContextLack of charity and basic Christian behavior is what triggers homophobia which, in turn, triggers more of what the homophobes complain about - a never ending cycle of hate and fear.

Most homophobes consider themselves "good Christians" - thus we must presume that they are fans of the Fairy Tales of  Hans Christian Andersen because their behavior has nothing to do with Jesus Christ nor His teachings.

Posted On: January 15th- 2006

Self appointed "experts" interpret and promote the fabled Esperanza's version of the imminent coming of Jesus and, true to our function, we reject it and expose what is behind itBut perhaps the most revealing part of the document is its tone - it even surprised m de P as he was composing it. May those who have Eyes to See....

Posted On: January 11th- 2006

The real State of Russia.  A true eye opener - A must for understanding the near future.

Posted On: January 4th- 2006

As promised in Part II to our Document on Biblical Literalism we have prepared and issued a brief historical summary of the Four Gospels. Basically a: Where? By Whom? When? and Written under what circumstances? This new document will further strengthen the Faith on the Word of God and assist the Faithful in understanding it better.

Posted On: January 1st - 2006 - Feast of the Holy Family

Now that we have pointed out that "it is about that time" (posting below) we wish to assist the Faithful in "armoring" their Faith further so that any and all onslaughts from the evil one will be neutralized.

We have prepared a Part II to our Document on Biblical Literalism. This second part looks into the reliability of the original Greek texts of the New Testament. This information, combined with Part I of the document  (the clarity of which has been enhanced) will allow you to repel any attempts to discredit the Holy Scriptures as a vehicle to establish a solid and intimate relationship with God, while enhancing the Faithful's awareness of the need to be in tune with the Holy Spirit of God. 

Posted On: December 28th - 2005 - Memorial of the Holy Innocents

Recently we issued a document entitled "What time is it?" Today, as we remember the slaughter of the innocent children ordered by Herod [Matthew 2:13-18] , and allowed by God, we publish the logical follow up document: "It is now about that time."

To those who will prefer to look the other way and, 'waist deep' in denial, say: "God will not let that happen!" we wish to remind you that today we are honoring the memory of the innocent children which God allowed to be slaughtered for some reason beyond our grasp at this time.

If He does not take a similarly dramatic stance now, many of those who were to be saved by the sacrifice of His Son will succumb and drown in the swirling vortex of man made decadence which now permeates organized religion and the entire world.  World War I and II were dressed rehearsals - and few paid any attention to the messages He delivered through those two wars. This time, He will make sure that humanity remembers.

As for us... Our function simply is to "lead the horse to water" and teach him how to drink, but we are not to coerce him to drink it. If said horse wishes to die of thirst, are we going to try to be more merciful than God? Of course not!

Posted On: December 25th - 2005

Blessed Christmas!  + Feliz Natal! + ¡Feliz Navidad!

Posted On: December 22th - 2005

Our Christmas Gift to the Faithful this year is the revelation of the Biblical reason why God, not man, chose December 25th as the date to for us to celebrate the Birth of His Son. Henceforth, true Christians will enjoy this Holy Celebration with renewed Joy and true purpose.

Posted On: December 18th - 2005 - Mary's Expectation

We have launched a new page entitled  Divine Encouragement with the intent to further assist those who are truly seeking God in the strengthening their faith. It is our intent to update it on a daily basis in the measure that we are able to do so.

Posted On: December 16th - 2005

"A must read" Book Review on the latest Exposé of the reality of the Opus dei (*)  - Ex-members of Opus Dei Reveal Group's Behind-the-Scenes Practices

(*) It is getting to the point that only those who simply refuse to see will not acknowledge their less-than-holy reality.

Posted On: December 12th - 2005 - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Patroness of the Americas

As the world moves towards the brink of annihilation we strongly suggest that, in keeping with what we have already revealed regarding our active, and expected, involvement in the redemption of humanity, we make a commitment, henceforth, to offer the Novena of Mercy every month, starting on the first day of the month (*).

This is the least we can do as a token of our appreciation for the suffering Jesus, and thus, Mary, endured  to give us an opportunity to Eternal Life. Notice that we stated "opportunity"; do not make the common mistake that it is, borrowing from American slang to better express it, "a done deal", because it is not.

(*) If you cannot start the novena on the first day of the month, God will gladly accept it if you start it on another day; what He needs from you is its monthly offering until you are not able to do so any more or it is obvious to you that it is no longer necessary since the End of These Times has been reached.

Posted On: December 7th - 2005 - Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, Eve of Feast of The Immaculate Conception

As the world moves toward a "global Pearl Harbor" we suggest to our visitors to read (or re-read) m de P's 1993 letter to President Jimmy Carter. We insist on these issues because denying their reality will have very serious consequences on those who are on denial - it does not matter whether the individual believes in God or not. Individual beliefs do not, in any way, affect the reality of God.

For those who keep repeating like a somniferous mantra "God is Merciful and will not cause harm to His children" we say: (1) Do you have guarantee that you are part of what is known of "His children"? Like with the proverbial Christmas List - you better check that twice; and (2)  Become familiar with applied Mercy. It may just not be what you are hoping it to be. Keep in mind that mankind has proven to God that, in general terms, only pain will make man to pay attention to God.

For those who are counting on that Golden Era that the Catholic Sects are promising, as they try to manipulate Divine Revelations, we just want to point out that we are already symbolically into the Sequence of Events leading to the End of These Times.

Posted On: December 3rd - 2005 - First Saturday of Month

How and why should Catholics interact with members with other faiths. Even with those who profess to be atheists.

Posted On: November 27th - 2005 - First Sunday of Advent - Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Amongst the most downloaded documents in our domain is The Psychosomatic Consequences Caused by the Sexual Abuse of Children. All the while, the Roman Catholic Church Administration, paralyzed by the fear that what has been "whispered in the darkness" is being "yelled from rooftops", does nothing to stem the demise of the Faith  triggered by their active and passive behavior in this matter. How can these men look at themselves in the mirror?

Posted On: November 22nd - 2005 - Anniversary of the Assassination of President Kennedy

As the memory of President Kennedy is honored today by many fine Americans perhaps the Faithful should revisit what we have written about his assassination. The time could not be better as Vice President Cheney blames, what seems to be, the ever incompetent intelligence community of the US for the war on Iraq.

But, can he be blamed? Those who live in denial need something to anchor the  fantasies they created by their need to survive, since their man-made, man based faith cannot bring them any comfort.

Posted On: November 19th - 2005 - Mary, Mother of Divine Providence

God continues to utilize all means to communicate to His children whatever they are not being informed about  through the channels He established 2000 years ago. One of the most astounding methods has been through the discovery of Tutankhamon's Tomb. His message, sent nearly 3,500 years ago,  is now being delivered to the world through these pages on His behalf. Egypt continues to play a key role in the History of Salvation.

Posted On: November 15th - 2005

We take this opportunity to notify our readers that, through the courtesy of Sophia Perennis, we are able to share with you the last chapter of "False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism and the Quest for a One World Religion". We sincerely pray that the information shared in Chapter 25 wakes up the remainder children of God who need to have the oil on hand for their lamps [Matthew 25: 1-12]. The snare could not be described any clearer nor better documented than Mr. Lee Penn has already done.

Posted On: November 9th - 2005 - Dedication of Basilica of St. John of Lateran

As we remember the dedication of the Mother Church of all Churches, we should carefully ponder the timely message that said Basilica delivers to the Faithful in the Name of God.

In conjunction, we should also ponder how the Church founded by Jesus Christ was essentially commandeered by Emperor Constantine to suit his imperial needs. We should also ponder on how such action, ironically, resulted in the separation of Patriarchate of Rome from all other Patriarchates, which, in turn found its "center of spiritual gravity" in the city founded by Constantine - while Rome claimed that said Emperor Constantine had willed the Roman Empire to the Pope.

Hollywood could never invent a saga as the one we are, once again, bringing under the spotlight for the benefit of the true children of God.

Posted On: November 6th - 2005

As the irresponsible ranting of Iran's President pushes the world closer to the inevitable nuclear holocaust, we encourage our visitors to review a letter miguel de Portugal wrote, ten years ago, to His Eminence, Cardinal Bernardin Gantin, Prefect, at the time, of the Congregation of Bishops and to the then Patriarch of Lisbon (Portugal), His Eminence, Cardinal António Ribeiro.

Posted On: November 4th - 2005 -  First Friday of Reparation

Do not be frightened nor intimidated! Know that There IS Salvation Outside the Roman Catholic Church - However, the Roman Catholic Faith has the greatest treasure trove of supernatural resources to assist man in his journey back to the Father.

Posted On: November 1st - 2005 - All Saints Day

Please, do not forget to assist the Souls of Purgatory. If for nothing else, to store the treasures in Heaven that you will need when you are in Purgatory yourself. Unless, of course, you have fulfilled the First Saturdays of Reparation to the satisfaction of God - in which case, your stay in Purgatory will be quite brief.

Oh, yes... the Purgatorial State does exist - denying it will not cause it to "Go Away".

Posted On: October 27th - 2005

As the President of Iran calls for the Jewish state to be "wiped off the map" and the U.N. reports and increase influx of arms from Syria into Lebanon, the faithful should review and understand the real meaning of The End of the Line.

Posted On: October 23rd - 2005 - Mary, Mother of the Dying

The Roman Catholic Church Bishop's Synod has concluded on a note that has irritated those who wanted certain changes within the Church, however, in spite of the demonstrated abysmal failures of the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church,  we concur with, and defend most of, the Synod's conclusions.

Our position regarding the Catholic politicians is not so different when one meditates on what m de Portugal has stated and what the Synod finally concluded.

Regarding the divorce and communion issue - our key difference lies in whether there was a Sacramental Marriage or not. A "Church Wedding" does not guarantee that a Sacrament was entered into.

The only real abyss that separates us - to be specific - that separates them from God results from the facts that:

(1) They continue to refuse to acknowledge that the moral decay of the world of today is the result of their failures; and
(2) Their disobedience to the specific requests from Heaven have made the Administration of the Roman Catholic Church an accessory to the greatest genocide ever witnessed by humanity, a genocide which started to take place when Hitler entered Austria and will finish when God wipes the slate clean of their abominations and the Church He originally established is resurrected after its crucifixion.

For those with "weak knees" and who were led to believe that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church: Do not be concerned, if that were true, most Church Administrations would have never made it out of Purgatory due to aggravated dereliction of duty; that is, if they even made it that far.

Therefore, as you can see, satan continues to serve God and, in spite of them, the pristine Catholic Faith made it through unscathed.

Posted On: October 20th - 2005 - Feast of Mary, Wonderful Mother

The best method to avoid contracting the Avian Flu and similar plagues has been proven effective already and under the most adverse circumstances.

Posted On: October 16th - 2005 - Feast of Mary's Purity

The Book of Enoch - Divinely Inspired or Heresy? Only those who "Have Eyes to See and Ears to Hear"
will now be able to answer that question with certainty

Posted On: October 12th - 2005 - Feast of Our Lady of Pilar (Saragossa, Spain)

The Neutralization of Terrorist Activity can only be achieved in this manner. All else will fail!

Posted On: October 7th - 2005 - Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and First Friday of the Month

We have updated our document which addresses the position of the Roman Catholic Church regarding Marian Apparitions. We recommend that this document be carefully reviewed.

Posted On: October 4th - 2005 - Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year

Seventeen years ago, about one year before the "miraculous" fall of the Berlin wall,  Mikhail Gorbachev was announcing to the United Nations General Assembly that the New World Order was the only solution left to man. What is truly amazing is that the general populace still do not catch on what is going on.

Posted On: September 29th - 2005 -Feast the Archangels Michael + Gabriel + Raphael

The Return to "Christendom" : The State and Church Alliance A False Hope For the Faithful. 
We must be sure that we fully understand what we ask God for.

Posted On: September 27th - 2005 - Feast Mary Protector of Orphans

Psychological Dysfunction really is a Spiritual Dysfunction -  Its Identification, Treatment and Cure

Posted On: September 23th - 2005 - Feast of the Conception of John the Baptizer

If you wonder about: What can I do for God to hear my prayers and grant my requests? AM I not worthy of His attention? What is wrong with me? It is like swimming against the current and He does not seem to care. He really does care and  here you will find the answers AND obtain sighed for results. May God richly Bless each and every one of you!

Posted On: September 20th - 2005 

At a time when real Faith is faltering, commitments seem to be out of fashion and public admission of errors and repentance is "just for wimps" we want to help our readers to strengthen their  Faith and Trust in God by bringing to light again another great secret of the Faith.

Posted On: September 17th - 2005 

After the Katrina Catastrophe and the performance of the Bush Administration plus the, essentially failed UN Summit, we recommend the Faithful to review  the Why of the last Presidential Election Results.

Posted On: September 15th - 2005  - Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Please console today our most suffering Mother and Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, by offering a novena of  Chaplet of Tears.

Posted On: September 14th - 2005  - Feast of the Holy Cross

Could it be that in such a special date and very significant day for The End of These Times  God has identified for His Children The Great Apostasy?

Posted On: September 11th - 2005  - Feast of Our Lady of Coromoto - Patroness of Venezuela

A comprehensive clarification of the Time Table and Requirements for The End of These Times.

Posted On: September 8th - 2005  - Feast of the Birth of Mary, our Heavenly Mother

Another important Announcement, which briefly appeared in our Domains on August 2004, has been reissued.

Posted On: September 4th - 2005  - Feast of Mary, Comfort of the Afflicted

We cannot make any clearer or issue a more concrete announcement about where we are at in the Apocalypse than  we are doing now.  May those who have Ears,  Hear and those who have Eyes, See.

Posted On: September 2nd [1st Friday] and September 3rd [1st Saturday and Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd]


Posted On: August 31st - 2005  - As New Orleans Floods

After witnessing the catastrophe caused by Katrina - all in the unexpected places and times - we recommend a review of the document which explains Why? , while, at the same time, an effort is made not to waste the benefits associated with suffering Katrina has caused, and God allowed, as it was done with the  9-11  catastrophes, while, at the same time, keeping in mind that the worse is yet to come.  What can we do then?  

Posted On: August 29th - 2005  - Martyrdom of John the Baptist

The gravity of appointing the former Archbishop of San Francisco, William Joseph Levada, to the position formerly occupied by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now, Benedict XVI, is such that we requested a thorough investigation of what has been published about his deeds and misdeeds.  The Report has been completed and we are hereby making it available to all the Faithful.

The position Archbishop Levada now occupies - Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - is, in simple terms: "Guardian of the Faith". This is precisely why his promotion by his friend Benedict XVI is such a serious act.

Posted On: August 22nd - 2005  - Queenship of Mary

About Sin - Much talked and preached about, but little understood.  Understand it  and then defeat its hold on you through the Grace of God.

Posted On: August 17th - 2005

Our readers will understand our publications better if they would become more familiar with Our Function as well as with what "moves" miguel de Portugal . Some of the feedback that we receive tends to indicate a lack of understanding ot those two key fundamental basis for these writings.

Posted On: August 14 -15th - 2005

A very important comment has been posted on our News Commentary Section on August 14th. The time is getting closer and the signs are everywhere. Can you see them?

Posted On: August 12th - 2005

A Love Letter From the Father.  We have read it and heard it and since I  know it is absolutely true we want to share it with everyone. Please NOTE: The link above will take you out of our Domains and may not work on all computers. To return to The M+G+R Foundation use the "Return" button of your browser.

Posted On: August 9th - 2005 - Anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki

Regarding the destructive use of nuclear power in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we wish to set some records straight and come to the outright and unabashed  Defense of the People of the United States of America. Let the one nation with a better overall record than the U.S. cast the first stone! Enough, is enough!

We may strongly disagree with the execution of Foreign Policy of the current U.S. Administration but a strong disagreement does not justify standing by silently during the virtual lynching of the people of the United States and of its government.

Posted On: August 6th - 2005 - Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ and 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima

The Faithful must make an effort to understand the mechanism of Divine Justice so that the application of Divine Mercy may be fully understood.

Let us not waste our time offending our already much offended Lord by celebrating His Transfiguration and not fully cooperating with Him in the Redemption of mankind.

Posted On: August 4th - 2005 Eve of the Feast of Our Lady of Snows - Dedication of Basilica of Sta. Maria Majore

Please, do not forget that the upcoming Friday is the First Friday of the Month and that next Saturday is the First Saturday of the Month, in addition of being the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Let us make reparation while we still can because, eventually, God will also say Enough!

Posted On: August 1st - 2005

Once again we exhort one and all to say  No! To ANY Form of Anarchy.  Most specially in its "invisible and silent" form practiced by too many people without realizing it (although God does notice!)

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