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September 2008


The purpose of this Public Forum - Part II was to publish communications sent to us, communications which require no response from us, yet, we feel that their content may be beneficial for the spiritual health of the Faithful.

We reserve the right to choose which communications will be published and to edit them as necessary for clarity. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential unless requested otherwise.

Please Note:
When a communication appears on this Forum, does not automatically imply that The M+G+R Foundation agrees with all of its contents and/or conclusions.

Communications Published on September 2008

From (Mrs.) KH @ USA - Published on September 29th, 2008 [Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael]

Dear Ones,

Greetings and warm wishes on the feast of your name patrons, the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

I have been thinking of their Bible stories for a few days now and am glad to have a special day to remember them and to thank God for their assistance from so long, long ago, still today and in the days to come -- and for the divine help they provide to MGR.

Have a joyous feast day and may God bless your joint efforts today and always.

(Mrs.) KH

From (Mr.) WO @ USA - Published on September 27th, 2008

Out of concern for my dear brethren who are mostly un-comprehending of the very basics of what is going on with the banking industry, I offer the following simple explanation - in terms which all need to understand. Call it Investment 101

We will look at key important concepts: 1. "investment", 2. "at risk", and 3. "good faith".

1. Any time you give money to another person or entity with the understanding that you are seeking a return on your money (i.e. interest), you have made an investment. This covers anything from stocks, mutual funds, municipal bonds, a private loan, to a simple passbook savings account with a bank. We can also include simple checking accounts (with or without interest), as #2 and 3 are involved, and you are "getting something in return for your investment".... if nothing more then check writing and ATM privileges.

2. The only time your money is absolutely "safe" (translation: 100% under YOUR control) is when it is in your physical possession. Barring fire or theft, what happens to it is completely up to you. Anytime that you invest your money, it is - by definition - "at risk". As it is no longer under your control..... AND there is always the very real possibility that some or all of your investment can be lost. That is what is in the "fine print"... which most do not bother to read or comprehend. The only difference between "playing the stock market" and a passbook savings account is the degree of risk. But be assured that all investment = risk!

2a. What is implicit in this is that there is no such thing as a "guarantee". Any "insurance" is only as good as the insurer, which brings us to...

3. Good Faith: The broker/investment firm/banker presents an attractive, enticing image predicated on "trust me". You buy into that projected image, as it has been culturally ingrained in you (translation: brainwashed) that such persons and entities are worthy of your unquestioning trust. All the guarantees in the world and "insurance" all boil down to "trust me". In reality, all business is done on a handshake; the willingness to trust another. While there may be some limited basis for trust in the track record of the entity, it is your desire to assume "good faith" in the other party. That they will not defraud you. That they have your best interest at heart, do as they promise, and that you will get your money back.

It is not for nothing that there is an old Yiddish saying that "trust me" translates into a rather foul expletive.......!

Consider the slot machine. It seems more honest. You know (at some level) that it does not have your best interest at heart..... it has a bad track record...... it is designed to keep most of what is invested into it. It entices with a carefully crafted image, overt and subliminal, with major media buildup. Occasionally, it will "pay out" grandly: with great noise and bells ringing. But that is only intended to entice .....investors. Reality Check: the only "winners" of the slot machine are the people who own it.

Now wait a moment........ am I describing the mechanics of a slot machine, or the banking/investment industry over the last century?

You decide...........

In God alone I trust!

(Mr.) WO

From (Mr.) WO @ USA - Published on September 24th, 2008 [Feast of Our Lady of Ransom]

Throughout all of these various aspects of the unfolding "staged show", I have been keeping a close eye on the major US news outlets (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.) to observe their coverage.

I am much reminded of your documents on brainwashing. (1) (2) (3) Similar techniques are currently being employed by theses media outlets. To wit:

1. The use of extreme rapid fire, non-stop, delivery in speech - seemingly without pausing for breath. When more then one commentator is involved, their speech consistently overlaps, so that there is NO chance for the viewer to pause and reflect on what is being said. If I was in a humorous mode, I would suspect that they had all taken at least 20 cups of coffee.....and perhaps some amphetamines to achieve this effect! Normal people do not talk this way, certainly not if they AGREE on the subject. This is a learned technique, requiring extensive practice and training - and critical to a type of brainwashing.

2. The consistent use of repetition: of key words, catch phrases, and concepts. To drill them into the mind.

3. The general effect in presentation that there is NO other option then the one being presented. By implication: that there is no other permissible option; that those who speak and think to the contrary are "crazy" or "enemies".

4. The use (very apparent to myself) of subliminal back masking, "white noise", or the like, to act as a hypnotic effect, and to drown out any attempt at clear thinking, cognition, and analysis on the part of the viewer. Making it very hard to change the channel or look away. When I have muted the sound, I feel 100% better!

Perhaps the "proof of the pudding" is to be found in the "man on the street". If I ask the average person of their opinion of the financial mess, or in particular about the planned multi-billion dollar bailout at taxpayer expense........the person will repeat back to me exactly what the TV told them to say. Word for word. Not merely that they agree with the "company line", but that they have been re-programmed for "correct thinking".

May God bless you!

(1) Proven brainwashing techniques
How a small newspaper can fool the whole world - NASA included
Mind Control - A Key Ingredient to World Control

From (Mrs.) KH @ USA - Published on September 21st, 2008 [Feast of the Apostle Matthew]

We received this 2005 film on DVD in last Saturday's newspaper (1). The packaging and graphics were over the top inflammatory, in my opinion.

I had
just finished reading the last of L. Penn's articles about the techno-utopians
(2), which mentions subliminal messaging for mind control, so was just a little too timely to have the DVD arrive at my doorstep. What made me think to share this is there were two "teaser" promotional quotes on the package, one by the director of the Fox network series "24," (which you wrote about viewing after receiving the DVD in a similar promotion with newspaper) that read, "...required viewing for everyone."

Also on Saturday, I attended Mass at a Catholic college near here. In front of me by a few rows was a male student who had on this T-shirt that so distracted me that I finally took out pen and paper and wrote down what I could read of it to check later. I am attaching the link (3) to a photo of the shirt. The same site has shirts that read: Pro-life to the Max, Catholic Warrior and Catholic Defender, and so on.

The site describes the T-shirt: Get holy or die tryin' Holiness is not a spectator sport! This shirt is meant to encourage us to holiness and honor those that have died living the Gospel.
Coming on the heels of the Joel's Army articles (4), that one gave me the chills. I prayed about it, and will continue.

(Mrs.) KH
(1) About the Film
The Techno-Utopians
(3) The T-Shirt
(4) About Joel's Army

From (Mrs.) LL @ USA - Published on September 20th, 2008 [Eve of the Feast of the Apostle Matthew]


having cared for my friend Mary (1), who suffered from Alzheimer's, and now my friend Daphne (1), who suffers from dementia.... i can tell you from experience this disease may take away your 'old life' so to speak, but the 'new life' you are given, is not a unfruitful or not a full life as some may believe... my friend Mary, brought so much joy to my family as we cared for her.

she allowed us, by her feeble condition, to bring the goodness out of us that we didn't even know existed... she brought more good and unconditional love to us than any 'full minded' person i have ever met.... the same is now true with my friend Daphne...

today my own father is being tested to see what form of this disease he has.... and while i am upset about his being sick, i now know that this is not the 'death sentence' i once thought it to be, and that God Will give us the knowledge and courage we need to face whatever we must, despite our many weakness' and iniquities... and when we do follow Him, and do as He says, He sends for us many, many unexpected blessings and joys, even through those who are the sickest.

this article i am forwarding (2) makes me sick to my stomach... for i can see all the blessings that God has in store for these people, and that they are not just wasting them, but actually refusing them because they think they know better... poor, poor people... so stupid, and so unwilling to even try to learn or see what God has in store for them... and now they want to take many other innocent others with them on their road to hell.

May God have Mercy on us all!!!!

love, peace, and blessings

(Mrs.) LL
(1) Not their real names
The Article

From miguel de Portugal @ EU-USA - Published on September 18th, 2008

From time to time we seek feedback from certain individuals and/or groups for a very specific purpose. We were intending to address the purpose of such consultations in a document when we received the prompting, to do so now, from a long time visitor of our pages. In all sincerity and with every good intention our friend writes:

What you should emphasize or de-emphasize is best answered by God, not me or your other readers. He Knows. .... . I would turn this question over to the Holy Spirit. I wouldn't/can't presume, honestly, to advise.

Most of you may have heard us often say: I do not trust miguel; I only trust God. It logically follows that if we don't trust miguel, how am I, miguel, going to trust someone who is advancing in his/her faith as a result of what we publish?

The theo-logic behind a consultation of this nature follows. Do take note that this theo-logic is universally applicable.

A human being, regardless of his/her well founded and confirmed faith and intentions remains a human being - composed of the "human trinity": A physiological mechanism - the body - to contain the soul; A psychological mechanism to operate the body and communicate with the environment; and A soul which God placed in such body the moment the ovum was fertilized. The state/behavior/condition of those three components affects the unified output of said human. Logically, the improper functioning of any of those three components will produce a less than balanced output for that human.

As we have also said before - I can alter/modify the output of my humanity with something as simple as sugar or severe fasting or temperature extremes, etc.. That propensity applies to all humans - more or less, but it does apply. Also past traumas, personal preferences, fears, etc. will affect the output/response of any human when presented with a situation to evaluate and act upon.

When God has revealed to me matters of utmost gravity and which sounded unbelievable - without my requesting it, and at a time of His choosing, He has taken me and shown me the physical proof of what He revealed to me in a supernatural way. By doing this, He is dismantling any resistance that my humanity may present to such hidden reality and empowers me to say "I know" as opposed to "I believe".

Another Divine technique: Sometimes I may be so intent on requesting certain information and/or guidance, that I have overlooked that He has already responded to the request. In this case - I have experienced what I call: A "voice over". As I may be requesting the information again in silent prayer He starts speaking over my silent prayer with the response (which He gave me already days before, yet I did not realize it.) That is - even when we may miss His cue - He can "voice over" at Will.

During the Sacrament of Reconciliation, all the confessor does is confirm to me what God has already clarified on matters which I raise at the confessional. Why? Quite simple - In such manner God assures me that I was just not justifying or explaining away in my mind this or that. It does not matter who the confessor may be - we "prepare" him before the Reconciliation session starts by invoking the Holy Spirit of God upon him.

A daily prayer that I offer to God deals with being able to reach all who need to be reached with the words and teachings He imparts me - specifically through our pages. I further ask Him to tell me if there is anything else that He wants us to do so that this information reach wherever it should. As I write these lines I have become aware that the reason He prompted me to seek the feedback in question was precisely for that purpose, to wit:

(1-a) Confirm that we are now publishing is what He Wills;
(1-b) Confirm that we should pursue/heed certain thoughts that we have had regarding the Domains; and
(1-c) Reassure me that what I am not doing - and would truly dread to do (because of humility) - is not being done because of His Will and not because of m de P's dread f it.

That is exactly what is taking place with most of the feedback in.

Added bonuses have been:

(2-a) Some excellent questions that will be answered/discussed in the Private Forum once we receive the approval from the senders;
(2-b) A window-view to where some of those who have been along with us for quite some time are at, spiritually speaking; and
(2-c) A opportunity to clarify some areas which we have not made crystal clear yet.

This letter is an example of precisely (2-c) above.

If something still is not crystal clear in the above covered theo-logic - considering that it is something that should be the "daily bread" of the Faithful - please ask and we will attempt to clarify it in the Private Forum.

From (Mrs.) IW @ US - Published on September 13th, 2008 [Eve of the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross]

Good morning!

Thank you! for sending this mailing (1) and for the 9/1 P to P about Joel's Army. So, in preparing to forward both, and reading for content(!), I learn that this fellow is my near neighbor (setting up his shop just a few miles away at the former PTL ministries property):

Rick Joyner, a pastor whose books, The Harvest and The Call, helped popularize Joel's Army theology by selling more than a million copies each, goes the furthest on Elijah's List in pushing the hard-liner approach. In 2006, he posted a sermon called "The Warrior Nation -- The New Sound of the Church," in which he claimed that a last-day army is now gathering and called believers "freedom fighters."

"As the church begins to take on this resolve, they [Joel's Army churches] will start to be thought of more as military bases, and they will begin to take on the characteristics of military bases for training, equipping, and deploying effective spiritual forces," Joyner wrote. "In time, the church will actually be organized more as a military force with an army, navy, air force, etc."

In a sort of disclaimer, Joyner writes at one point that God's army "will bring love, peace and stability wherever they go." But several of his books narrate with glee what he describes as "a coming civil war within the church." In his 1997 book The Harvest he writes: "Some pastors and leaders who continue to resist this tide of unity will be removed from their place. Some will become so hardened they will become opposers and resist God to the end."

Two years later, in his book The Final Quest, Joyner described a vision (taken as prophecy in the Joel's Army world, where Joyner is considered an "apostle") of the coming Christian Civil War in which demon-possessed Christian soldiers enslave other, weaker Christians who resist them. He also describes how the hero of the novel -- himself -- ascends a "Holy Mountain" in order to learn new truths and to acquire new, magic weapons.

I appreciate knowing about all that is happening under the radar in my idyllic little community!

Also, as an FYI, since generational healing is mentioned in one of these articles, an acquaintance of mine from the local parish was a follower/practitioner of Healing the Family Tree that is promoted by Rev. John Hampsch, CMF (2) . After I heard her story and all that she was involved in spiritually/religiously, I gave her a copy of the article about reincarnation, and probably some others, too. I also remember that I came home from having coffee with her and prayed the exorcism prayers from the MGR website (3)...that is how frightening her story was.

This makes me think of the YouTube video in the article you sent. There is a teenage boy saying how he is so "hungry for God." And all the "cafeteria" is serving up is this junk food. One of the nicest things I ever remember you saying to me was something like, "may God continue to nourish your desire to become closer to Him," which I took as a prayer... and so it is the same one that I will offer today for all these people who are starving.

Thanks again and God Bless,


(1) Mailing

Subject: Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave

News (*) Quote

Sarah Palin's churches are actively involved in a resurgent movement that was declared heretical by the Assemblies of God in 1949. This is the same 'Spiritual Warfare' movement that was featured in the award winning movie, "Jesus Camp," which showed young children being trained to do battle for the Lord. At least three of four of Palin's churches are involved with major organizations and leaders of this movement, which is referred to as The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit or the New Apostolic Reformation. The movement is training a young "Joel's Army" to take dominion over the United States and the world.

Along with her entire family, Sarah Palin was re-baptized at twelve at the Wasilla Assembly of God in Wasilla, Alaska and she attended the church from the time she was ten until 2002: over two and 1/2 decades. Sarah Palin's extensive pattern of association with the Wasilla Assembly of God has continued nearly up to the day she was picked by Senator John McCain as a vice-presidential running mate.


Updating the par words of Astronaut John Swigert, Jr.: "Houston, we have a problem!" - "America, you really have a problem."

Blessedly we do not have a problem... the schedule and future events - as announced - are on target and we continue to do what is left to do: (a) Pray; and (b) Connect the dots. We just regret the the suffering that awaits the Elect who are still blind and deaf as the wallow on denial.

Maybe is time to review once more and and and associated links.


(2) (there may be other websites, this was the first that came up in my search)

From AR @ UK - Published on September 10th, 2008

God's peace to you.

You may be aware of the atrocities that are being carried out in Orissa, India, (1) to the Christians and I write this email requesting prayers for the innocent victims, as well as for the offenders (as they know not what they do!)

While the natural disasters – floods, earthquakes get maximum media coverage, as in Bihar (could this be because foreign aid is poured in?) the persecution of the Christians is usually kept low profile. A lot more people are affected than is mentioned in these articles and therefore, i f it is the will of God, please could you forward this to the list members and I ask for each ones humble prayers.

Thank you.

(1) Related News Reports

From WO @ USA - Published on September 8th, 2008 [Feast of the Birth of Mary]

While the immediate world situation is of more grave importance then this item, it does serve to point up: 1) the unabated and demonic hypocrisy of the Church Administrators, and 2) the demonic disorientation of the minds of the countless multitude of "faithful Catholics" who have been intentionally brainwashed into denial of reality, and blind obedience to anything issuing forth from the mouth or pen of of said Administrators, and their representatives.

In the New York Daily News (1) we read:

"Msgr. John Woolsey, who copped to stealing from a Manhattan parish, has found a new job as associate pastor of a Westchester church............ Woolsey, 71, was accused of swiping nearly $1 million from St. John the Martyr and swindling an elderly parishioner to finance a lavish lifestyle. He pleaded guilty to misappropriating $50,000 and spent a year behind bars before he was released last September....."

Yet according to Msgr. Ferdinando Berardi: "He can be a very effective priest because he is one who has suffered."

He " THE ONE who suffered"? Apparently now the abuser (financial or sexual) is "the one who has suffered" in the view of "the church". That would seem to be the official line.

According to the "Crime Report" section of the NY Daily News (2):

"Msgr. John Woolsey walked out of the Oneida Correctional Facility and into a friend's waiting SUV yesterday, nearly a year to the day after being sentenced to prison for ripping off .... his Manhattan parish.........."

But a homeless man who steals a can of tuna fish would likely get "stuck in the sytem"..... if he ever got out of jail..... and then it's back to the gutter!

In the New York Times we read (3)

"Woolsey had been sentenced to a one- to four-year year prison term for raiding St. John the Martyr's coffers to finance his taste for Rolex watches and luxurious golf trips....." ......and........ "The archdiocese began investigating in 2003 when the family of an elderly parishioner, who has since died, accused him of manipulating her into giving him $490,000 in cash and stocks..."..............

So I guess those elderly folks did not "suffer"....... nor did the parishioners of St. John the Martyr.

"....the cardinal (Egan) had submitted a measured letter to the court, saying his purpose was not to "address the underlying crimes," but to provide an account of Monsignor Woolsey's good works previously."

The reader's comments under the first article (NY Daily News) are priceless, as they illustrate the blindness of the sheep - which may or may not include Opusian style "correct speech" in defense of clerics.... at all possible cost. Of course, the only sane solution for Woolsey (if allowed to remain in the priesthood) would either to spend the remainder of his days in penance, and/or an assignment to live in poverty... with the poor..... and serving them by doing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy... with his formerly Rolex watch wearing hands. That would be mercy for his soul!

N.B. Berardi, the pastor of the affluent New Rochelle, NY parish, has served in a variety of Chancery positions (Vice Chancellor, Priest Personnel Assignment Board, etc.), thus he is part of the "in crowd". His very public praise for this priest/felon can only be attributable to someone who would be friendly to Opus Dei and its agenda - which bolsters the public perception of clerics/bishops as being beyond reproach.

Prior to being pastor of St. John the Martyr, he ran the Family Life office for the Arch of NY. That is the "pro-life activist....... anti contraception...... anti condoms for AIDS prevention (N.B.: in light of what you have written).... rabidly "anti gay people" office of the Archdiocese. The name was deceptive!

Moreover, his overt link with the Rev. Pat Roberston (4) (of CBN fame) of the radical right wing of Christian evangelicals dovetails neatly within the "seemingly disconnected" framework of OD ancillary operations. Discreetly - via the "protestant" label - yet having connectivity with the official Catholic pro-life movement, and even with Rev. Benedict Groeschel's new age-yet- "conservative" -order!

But, all this goes a long way to explain Woolsey, his character, and the bizarre manner of his defense by Egan and the Archdiocese.

Christ be with you always.


From m de P @ World - Published on September 6th, 2008 [First Saturday of the Month]

In reference to a news report forwarded to us, we recently stated something like "I do not receive Divine revelations by reading the news".

We further stated that we use the news primarily to help others, who "have difficulty in hearing and seeing"; help them realize - through connecting the published "dots" - that our reality is not an alternate reality, but the one reality which will continue to, unrelentingly, manifest itself as announced.

It seems that, since that time, we have only received one or two news-link references. We can only conclude that:

(a) We were misunderstood and our readership thought that we did not want any further news-link references sent to us [never mind how often we have used them in the past for the purposes stated above.] ; or
(b) Most of the former news-link senders indeed thought that we were in the news circulating business [which should make it hard for anyone to comprehend why m de P would leave the life he had before just to circulate already publsihed news with a few personal remarks added to them.]

I hope that we have clarified the issue should our statement was misconstrued.

m de P

From IW @ USA - Published on September 1st, 2008

I am horrified by the situation that seems to be developing in the Gulf of Mexico, in which Gustav is developing into a storm at least as severe as Katrina, and is coming in at a direction that will likely send that city at least as much flooding as before.

Before bed, I will offered a Mercy Chaplet in reparation for the sins of those imperiled by the storm (and those already harmed), and asking that God's perfect will be done concerning the path and severity of the storm.

Those poor people ... facing the same (or worse) than they did just three years ago.

And yet ... if America is to be softened up (1) and taken down a few notches before the Sequence starts (2), this is one way that it could occur. Kyrie eleison.

I have a small group of people to whom I have communicated the full urgency of the current situation - people I know, who I think can receive the warning that I am giving them, of the pending world war.

My "Alas, Babylon" calls (related to the 1959 WW3 novel, in which one character uses that phrase to alert the main hero of the story) are done; what I will likely do next, if each of the 5-6 people agree, is to give each of them the contact information for the others. (They are people in various denominations, scattered across the US.) How the people then network together (or whether they do) is up to them; I would not be "organizing" anything after letting these people know how to find each other, and why they might want to do so.(3)

God Bless America and May America Bless God!
The Sequence
You will then sleep well having followed the instructions given by God to Ezechiel

7 So thou, O son of man, I have made thee a watchman to the house of Israel: therefore thou shalt hear the word from my mouth, and shalt tell it them from me. 8 When I say to the wicked: O wicked man, thou shalt surely die: if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked man from his way: that wicked man shall die in his iniquity, but I will require his blood at thy hand. 9 But if thou tell the wicked man, that he may be converted from his ways, and he be not converted from his way: he shall die in his iniquity: but thou hast delivered thy soul. [Ezechiel 33: 7-9]

From WO @ USA - Published on August 28th, 2008 [Eve of the Memorial of the Beheading of John the Baptist]

Amusingly - and I just found via Google News that several news outlet DID discover on 8/20/08 Senator McCain's involvement with the S&L A scandal. One of them would not be taken seriously as they are: "black america's daily news source".......and you have to REALLY look to find them. (1)

Others also did mention it too. (2) (3) premise still holds: The TV talking heads have not "been cleared" to make this an issue. In addition you will NOT find this in the conspiracy circles (yet), nor in the (OD controlled) Catholic blogs/forums. The "go-ahead signal" obviously has not yet been given...........

Just as Howard Beale warned us in the 1976 movie Network: " people only do what the tube tells you....think as it tells think like the tube, .... they will tell you any... you wanna hear!....'

God be with you!





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