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The purpose of this Public Forum is to publicly respond to correspondence that we may receive from time to time and which is of Universal interest in these very unsettling times.

We reserve the right to choose what questions to address and how to transcribe the question and/or statement from the correspondence received. The identity of the correspondent will be kept confidential except in the case of abusive correspondence which will then be referred to the appropriate responsible entities.

From MA @ USA [Published on September 29, 2004]

Q. I've been reading your website for a few months and I find it to be very interesting and enlightening most of the time. Would you call yourself a prophet or someone that's just more in tune with the Holy Spirit than most of us? And do you live in Portugal because "the dogma of faith will always be preserved"?

Also - There are so many prophecies, and I pray that I believe the right ones, I have noticed that some of the Protestant prophecies coincide with some of the Catholic ones, like the "Warning", but yet I can't find the Warning in Revelations. If it's the trumpets, why doesn't it say anything about a huge spiritual awakening in that chapter, did I miss it? I don't want to depend on the prophecies, I want to depend on the Holy Bible.

God Bless you,



A. It is not for miguel de Portugal to state who he is or whose shoes does he occupy at the End of These Times. God will reveal that to whomever He Wills and whenever He Wills it.

Indeed we all must depend on the Holy Bible as a Fount of Living Waters. Prophecies are mostly warnings given by God, directly and indirectly, to assist humanity in minimizing the suffering that awaits it if it does not change its evil ways. Therefore, it is more important to prayerfully study and implement (in one's lives) the Word of God than to be chasing around for the latest prophecy.

Prophecies from different faiths coincide in many instances. This occurs even across major Faith lines. It may come as a shock to religious fanatics but... God is the Father of each one of us - Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and, yes, Pagans too! Isn't He going to try to bring them back to the fold on His own since organized religion is more concerned with perpetuating itself than being a bridge between man and God?

The "Warning" has been announced in the Scriptures (and not necessarily in the Book of Revelations). Let God show you in His Own time and in His Own loving way.

From KD @ USA [Published on September 26, 2004]

Q. I have often wondered what Jesus meant when He said "heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away." Did Jesus mean that
heaven will not last throughout eternity? Thank you for considering my question.



A. No. The "heaven and earth" which "will pass away" and about which He is speaking of, are the "old ones" and about which we read in the Book of Revelations [21:1] as being renewed. We will take this one step further...

When the last 1,000 years spoken of in the Holy Scriptures [Rev 20] - the same period about which the Vatican continues to trip over trying to explain it and not contradict themselves - are concluded [Rev 21:1] - which should be on or about the year 2,832 A.D. - the created universe will cease to exist. Its purpose would have been fulfilled.

With the Final Judgment behind us, we should then live Eternally with God in the new "heaven and earth", in which, if you notice, logically "...the sea was no more." These "new heaven and earth", which are Eternal, are also created as the "old ones" by the Word of God, Which Is Jesus Christ Who, of course, Is Eternal.

We pray that we have not confused you. For additional information about "Time and Eternity" you may want to review our document explaining them further.

From VS @ USA [Published on September 22, 2004]

Q. How could you put a sinner, spreading all kinds of lies and sin on your page? You may be used by the Devil I suppose because we are close to the end of the world. I'll pray for your souls.


NOTE: VS is referring to a private note sent only to those in our mailing list. We chose to do so since we presumed that our regular readership surely knew exactly where we stood. Obviously many of them still do not. Therefore, we have chosen to respond to some of their comments in the Public Forum for the benefit of all. This is the second comment/response.

A. Thank you for your prayers.

Regarding your communication: For your peace of mind, we recommend that you pay closer attention to what we say, who to, how and what for. Please read the Note above as well as the response to JA dated September 8.

Next: When will you people realize and accept that God is above all and satan must serve Him too? Nothing can occur in this Universe unless God allows it!

We have illustrated this clearly a number of times through some of our documents, i.e., Regarding Mental Reprogramming, where an obvious enemy of God published, and we then distribute far and wide, how they attack, with the intent of destroying, the Faith.

Regarding to the article you specifically refer to - and which was circulated ONLY those those we thought knew where we stood, and that obviously does not include you: He highlighted very well the serious problems that we saw in Gibson's version of the Passion of Christ. If one needs raw gore to learn to love Christ - he/she has a very real problem. That is not love, that is guilt and oppressing guilt is not of God.

In better days, the best suspense movies were by Alfred Hitchcock. Seldom a drop of blood was seen in those movies, yet, some of them were terrifying. That was good suspense technique. Now the public is fed blood and gore because subconsciously they crave such deviant stimulus.

What Mr. Gibson did was to feed that subconscious and disordered desire for blood and gore. God does not need that for His children to love Him. What kind of a god is that? That would be typical of a pagan god - the god most commonly adored by humanity today.

We will take this one step further and give you and all a little glimpse as to how that movie will be utilized towards the end.

In the near future, when the FalseChrist (not the AntiChrist!) is about to make his entrance, clips from Gibson's movie will be used as subliminal brainwashing, inducing guilt so that the disoriented sheep will be more pliable to accept the FalseChrist.

Why? Because the FalseChrist will not be able to inspire love - which is an intangible feeling that only God can give us, thus, in the absence of love - guilt will be used so that the False Christ is "loved".

No, Mr. Gibson does not know that - he is just another willing instrument, fueled by fanaticism, preparing the stage for the False Christ.

And finally. How many times do we have to repeat that we ARE NOT approaching the end of the world. That is precisely what satan wants people to believe so that they despair. Obviously you have fallen for that trap. We are approaching the END of THESE TIMES and NOT the World!

We shall now return the favor and pray for you.

From PC @ USA [Published on September 19, 2004]

Q. how is it that we pray for Divine Mercy on the world and at the same time hope for and pray for the Divine Justice (the
Great Purge) to happen?

Always questioning my motives,

The Hopeful One


A. First of all: We pray for Divine Mercy for the world so that it, like the sun rises for and the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike [Matthew 5:45]. Whether it is taken advantage of or not depends upon each individual.

Secondly: We should pray that Divine Justice is dispensed in accordance to the Will of God, while at the same time we must seek through prayer and acts of reparations (see response to AQ below) that the suffering is minimized while prophecy is fulfilled.

In other words - We should not attempt to stop the crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ just like Peter should not have tried to stop the crucifixion of the Physical Body of Christ [Matthew 16:23]. But we should, as Peter, et al, should have done instead, make every possible effort so that the suffering that must be experienced is not one iota above the absolute level necessary for the "deaf to hear". Remember - "Pain is the megaphone that God uses for the deaf to hear".

From AQ @ Australia [Published on September 19, 2004]

Q. What can I do about:

Priests saying Sister and Brothers, (not Brothers and Sisters);
Priests not doing the Commingling;
Priests wearing only the Stole;
Priests (offering peace) shaking hands with all and saundry;
Priests refuse to give communion on the tongue.

These have been done at each and every mass for some three months while our own priest is on holyday. We are forced to go elsewhere to various Churches.

Yours in Christ


A. First of all: Immediately start offering prayers and sacrifices directed at these type of priests. Invocation - "We/I offer (this) as an act of reparation for the sins and offenses that XYZ have committed for which Divine Justice demands reparation before God can work the pleasure of His Mercy in XYZ soul(s)".

How this works - or as much as m de Portugal is able to explain in human terms - is explained in SUFFERING : MANKIND'S PARTICIPATION IN ITS OWN REDEMPTION

Secondly: The following document, Redemptionis Sacramentum, explains in great detail and very clearly how the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass MUST be offered. It also gives specific instructions to the faithful on how to proceed (all the way up to the CONGREGATION FOR DIVINE WORSHIP AND THE DISCIPLINE OF THE SACRAMENT) if the procedure is repeatedly violated.

Do not let any human being stand between you and God and His Sacraments! As you can see, He has seen to it that multiple recourses are available to the Faithful to correct was is wrong.

From B @ USA [Published on September 16, 2004]

Q. Could you please tell me what is meant by the "deposit of grace"? The context in which I am speaking about the "deposit of grace" would be when Our Lord ascended into Heaven the basic structure of the Church was complete.

By His death He merited for us the graces of salvation. My son's 8th grade religion book is stating that we call this the "deposit of grace" which is dispensed to us through the sacraments of the church.

Thank you so much.


A. The only one who could be considered - stretching the concept - "deposit of Grace" would Mary, Who, by being Full Of Grace is empowered by God to dispense them. Something She made very clear during Her Apparitions at Rue de Bac, France, (the Apparitions associated with the Miraculous Medal), and something which m de Portugal knows, not just believes.

The Church, through the Sacraments, which we do not tire to extoll, bestow upon the faithful Graces; however, the Graces are of and from God and not the Church - regardless of what claims its Administrators may make.

Those Graces are not a requirement for salvation - true faith in Jesus Christ as the Saviour of mankind and the reality of His Resurrection, are the ultimate requirements. However, those Graces are a tremendous gift because they provide supernatural assistance as we journey through time - which, as most humans know - has become a veritable mine field.

In very simple 8th Grade terms. The Graces are like water from God and the Church is like the pipeline utilized by God to get His water to the faithful. As you can see - there is no "deposit" in this system, except Mary, Who could be seen as a water reservoir - between the "source" (God) and the "end user" (the faithful) with the Divine Granted freedom to route it to whomever She deems merits it.

We pray that we have made it clear enough.

From LJR @ USA [Published on September 9, 2004]

A Reader's Comment I'M SURE MANY OF US JUST CANNOT BELIEVE IN A NUCLEAR DISASTER IN THE USA, just as we couldn't believe anyone could cause 9/11. When reading about it in this public forum we can easily set it aside because the '"M+G+R may be overly sensitive to disaster". Today I tuned into a program on Public Radio out of Washington, DC. I don't know the guest but his name was Graham Allison.

I believe the Holy Spirit was giving us an open warning well publicized by a Public Radio broadcast. He talked of all the ways a Holocaust could happen, stating a bomb so small that it could fit in a backpack can now produce a blast the size of Hiroshima. Our elected officials focused our attention on Iraq... instead of working toward resolution. This web site has told us many times the multiple reasons why our officials should want to do this.

Mr. Allison stated what actions could be taken by nations to avoid this. He stated we need to treat the nuclear problem like GOLD. The USA and Russia both have wealth that is so strongly guarded no one can get to the gold. (1) Lock down the nukes, with the USA and Russia leading by example just as they protect their gold. (2) Negotiate with all other nations to do the same. (3) No loose nukes. An example was North Korea who sells nukes
to anyone.

I thank our Lord for making such a public announcement through media that can reach many. Obviously He can no longer trust the Catholic Religion to do it.

M+G+R Foundation, please, please continue to do your mission. It is up to the rest of us to make the changes. My prayers continue for all. Thank you.


A. Your kind words Glorify God Whom we strive to serve.

Our posting in the News Commentary today should make even the deadest of Zombies begin to realize that we have not been issuing these warnings since 1991 (first, through individual communications to those whose decision moved millions of people into action, and then through our Domains too) to "fill an empty life". We take this opportunity to remind one and all, again, that miguel de Portugal had a real life (a life as most people on this world will never know first hand) when God called Him away to start issuing these warnings with plenty of advance time.

Now, time is just about out.

From JA @ USA [Published on September 8, 2004 - Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary]

Q. Is this the same Matthew Fox that was defrocked and is a new ager????


NOTE: JA is referring to a private note sent only to those in our mailing list. We chose to do so since we presumed that our regular readership surely knew exactly where we stood. Obviously many of them still do not. Therefore, we have chosen to respond to some of their comments in the Public Forum for the benefit of all. This is the first comment/response.

A. We have been informed that Matthew Fox is the former Dominican RC priest who left the RCC rather than obey an order to be silent, and he became an Episcopal priest in 1994 under Bishop Swing. He is famous for the notions of "creation spirituality" and "original blessing," and for offering syncretic, but drug-free, "techno cosmic masses."

First of all, because we privately shared a document authored by him, does not necessarily mean that we agree with everything else he stands for, such as: Notions of "creation spirituality" and "original blessing," and for offering syncretic, but drug-free, "techno cosmic masses."

Those who have been with us for some time know that we have on-line (it was temporarily withdrawn to be soon reinstated) probably the best exposé of the New Age movement authored by Lee Penn with our explanation of its ultimate objective.

Secondly, the fact that Fox was defrocked - in today's Church - is almost a badge of merit. After all, most of the thousands of priests who physically and spiritually raped our children have not been defrocked and neither have the Bishops and Cardinals who were accessories of their crimes by promoting, by the actions, the rape of our children.

If that were not enough, Law - one of the worst offenders - has been placed in charge of the most important Marian Basilica of the world - St. Mary Major, in Rome. That is an abomination, an attack on the Catholic Faith and an insult to Mary.

May the Holy Spirit of God Illuminate you, brethren of the Hierarchy. You have precious little time left before the Invoice is presented and God has promised me, through Psalm 91, that "A thousand may fall at my side, ten thousand at my right hand, but it will not come near me. I will only observe with my eyes and see the punishment of the wicked."

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