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The purpose of this News Commentary Section is to assist the faithful in recognizing the signs and lies of These End Times. Somehow, many self appointed Shepherds of These Times are trying to convince the faithful that the Apocalypse will be, using street slang, "a piece of cake" for them and "hell" for all others. They are led to believe that if they "do this" and "do that" they do not have a thing to worry about (of course, so long as that between the "do this" and the "do that" they send in a donation).

Others lead the faithful to believe that "All Is Well" and will continue to be, of course, as long as those donations keep coming in...

Wrong! For either case scenario to be true, the Old and New Testament has to be invalid. Logically, if the Holy Scriptures are invalid there is no use for "Shepherds", is there? So what is their function besides collecting money?

Spending it, of course!

Now, let us focus on the real world and the news about its structures, philosophies and half-baked theories crumble. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit of God, Who cannot be falsified, the disoriented faithful will be able to understand what is truly taking place and why.

News Commentaries of July - August 2004

August 28 th - Feast of St. Augustine, son of St. Monica

NEWS - Council code of Coventry City has been amended to take out direct reference to the Freemasons and Roman Catholic societies Opus Dei and the Catenians.

Relevant Quotes

The code of conduct for Coventry City Council staff has been amended to take out direct reference to the Freemasons and Roman Catholic societies Opus Dei and the Catenians.

They deleted overt references to Freemasons, Opus Dei and the Catenians. But they made it clear staff who were members of them should still declare it, because the groups were covered by the new wording.

The new ruling reads:

"You must therefore declare your membership of any organisation whose rules or requirements of membership could be regarded as suggesting a degree of loyalty to that organisation".

"This could arise by reason of an organisation having an obligation of secrecy about its rules, its membership or conduct and/or a commitment of allegiance or support to that organisation. Such organisations may or may not be charitable concerns and they may also have a local, regional, national, or international aspect."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

If perhaps we had that kind of code of conduct in place in the FBI, Louis Freeh's protégé, Robert Philip Hansen, would not have delivered our National Security into the hands of those who will come back to finish the job they could not finish under their past guise.

Where there is smoke, there is certainly fire to be discovered. Coventry City has been wise enough to install such virtual "Fire Extinguishers".

Of course - if a group is functioning within the civil and ecclesiastical laws, rules and norms which are in place... why is the secrecy needed?

August 24 th - Feast of St. Bartholomew - Apostle

NEWS - 24 August 2004 -Archbishop Romero, the death squad and the 24-year wait for justice

It was the crime that broke El Salvador's heart. A good man was murdered in broad daylight, yet no attempt was made to bring his assassin to justice. Until today. Andrew Buncombe reports in The Independent - UK

Relevant Excerpts

From the rear of the church there is the sound of a single shot. The priest crumples to the floor of the chapel fatally wounded, blood seeping from a small hole in his chest and soaking his vestments. Outside the small chapel, a bearded man armed with a .223 high-velocity weapon, is seen in the back seat of a red, four-door Volkswagen which then drives away.

The priest was Oscar Arnulfo Romero, the Archbishop of El Salvador and an outspoken champion of the poor, and he was assassinated by right-wing paramilitaries, on 24 March 1980. Though the identity of the assassin remains unknown, many of the alleged conspirators have long been identified and live on untouched, a sore that has continued to fester within Salvadoran society....

Among those trained was... the late Major Roberto D'Aubuisson who is said to have ordered the archbishop's assassination. He studied at the notorious School of the Americas, a US military college in Fort Benning, Georgia, which for decades taught counter-insurgency to more than 60,000 cadets from Latin American regimes, It was renamed in 2001 after a series of scandals, including the discovery there of stacks of torture manuals....

The death of Archbishop Romero, 63, was a seminal event, not only for El Salvador but for international followers of his liberation theology, a radical interpretation of the Gospels which tried to reconcile Marxist philosophy and Christian social thinking. At his funeral, more than 40 people were shot dead by government soldiers firing on the huge crowds of poor people paying homage to their champion outside the city's cathedral....

The present Archbishop of El Salvador, Fernando Saenz Lacalle, a member of the right-wing Catholic sect Opus Dei and politically very different from Archbishop Romero, has said this trial could help justify the move. In a letter obtained by The Independent, he wrote: "I consider it a positive development that the murder of my illustrious predecessor is being investigated. More information about the author or authors of this sacrilegious murder and about the circumstances under which it was carried out will provide valuable information to the movement for his beatification."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

In light of some of the related documents that we have published in the past... Do we need to make any further clarifying comments? It seems that Jesus did already...

Matt. 23:29-33:

29 "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you build the tombs of the prophets and adorn the monuments of the righteous, 30 saying, 'If we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have taken part with them in shedding the blood of the prophets.' 31 Thus you witness against yourselves, that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. 32 Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers. 33 You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?

Just know, brethren, that it really, really hurts witnessing all being confirmed... It is like never waking up from a nightmare for which one has already seen the script.


August 19 th

NEWS From TOWNHALL.COM - Imprecatory Prayer: The Intercessor's Elephant Gun by Doug Giles

Relevant Excerpts

I hate to ruin your light summer beach reading, but America and much of the world are still in deep yogurt when it comes to the war on terror. As much as post moderns want everyone to sing "We are the World" in some all-religion-encompassing global hand-hold and just move on, I'm afraid radical Islam is not going to be a part of... an altruistic music video.

Radical Islam is incorrigible, period. So, face it and embrace it. We are not going to convert or appease these cats. We have nothing they want. There is nothing to negotiate. They want us exterminated. Capisce?

That said, what do we, Christians in particular, do when faced with an implacable radical enemy? Just sit around sing "Kum Ba Yah" and hope these bad guys will leave us alone? That's what a lot of five-watt light bulb, spiritually neutered believers are doing.... I, for one, will not take a passive stance against this aggressive enemy. You cannot be lame and win this game with these guys. So, as a Christian, I suggest the following:

One: Back President Bush and his aggressive armed attitude against terrorists and terror supporting nations. Make that the main focal point for your vote during the next election. Picture this when you step into the voting booth this November: some fluctuating, "wait-on-the-U.N." type of guy in the Oval Office while one of Osama's droogies is arming a nuclear suitcase in your back yard. Take that image with you to the polls. ....

Five: As people of faith, dust off and use what's afforded to the believer within the Old and New Testaments, namely the imprecatory prayers.

What is an imprecatory prayer?

It is a prayer asking God to crush a clear enemy of His, an enemy which is an aggressive adversary of freedom and peace loving people. Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Precious Moments Figurine Collector, the Bible is filled with maledictions prayed by saints and speedily answered by God against violently impenitent enemies of liberty and righteousness. Here are a couple examples:

"Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; tear out, O Lord, the fangs of the lions! Let them vanish like water that flows away; when they draw the bow, let their arrows be blunted. Like a slug melting away as it moves along, like a still born child, may they not see the sun! The righteous will be glad when they bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked." Psalm 58.6-10.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Brethren, this is just one example of the "Christians" in charge of getting the world "on the right path". Never mind that the very core of the message of Our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us thus:

You have heard how it was said, You will love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say this to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you; so that you may be children of your Father in heaven, for he causes his sun to rise on the bad as well as the good.... [Matthew 5:43-46]

If the Mr. Giles, Mr. Bushes, Mr. Rumsfelds, Ms.Rices and the likes want to believe as they do, we respect their beliefs just as we respect the beliefs of UFO enthusiasts, Hare Krishna followers, the atheists right not to believe in God, etc. but they should not stain the Holy Name of Christ by calling yourselves "Christians". The same Bible they keep quoting to justify the unloading of their misdirected frustrations-turned-into-hate, proves - in the New Testament section - without a shred of a doubt - that your beliefs are un-Christian, at best, and anti-Christian at worst.

We encourage the reader to review Mr. Giles' Biography for a better insight of the mind/heart that generates such "Christian" behavior.

P.S. Aren't we Blessed that the atheistic Soviet Union leaders did not believe like the "Christians" Mr. Giles represent? They would have turned the US into a parking lot while they still had the supremacy in the space race.

August 6 th

NEWS - Former Boston Cardinal Law makes his Roman Debut

Relevant Excerpts

ROME, Thursday August 5 (Reuters) - Cardinal Bernard Law, who was forced to resign as archbishop of Boston over a sexual abuse scandal, held his first public mass on Thursday since taking up a prestigious new post in the Italian Church.

Law, resplendent in white robes and golden mitre, presided over a packed service marking the feast day of the Rome Basilica of St Mary Major, the ornate church which Pope John Paul entrusted to him earlier this year.

Thursday's service marked the founding of the basilica. According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to the pope in August, 352 AD and told him to go to Rome's Esquiline Hill and build a church on a spot covered with newly fallen snow.

Law was at the epicenter of the U.S. Church abuse scandals when it emerged that he had reassigned priests known to have sexually abused minors to new parishes instead of defrocking them or reporting them to the civil authorities.
One American visitor to St. Mary Major was taken aback to see Law leading Thursday's service in the baroque basilica -- one of the most important churches in the Italian capital.

"I think it's a disgrace for him to be here," said David Adrian, a 22-year-old student from Philadelphia.

To commemorate the event, white rose petals were showered from the gilt-encrusted ceiling on to the nave.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Ah, La Dolce Vita of the Roman Catholic Cardinals - a seemingly never ending scandal!

This type of scandal and its devastating effects on the Faith is precisely one of the problems we discussed in our latest document - Airing Out Some Possible Misconceptions About the Prevention of Scandal Within a Church.

John Paul II, or whomever is pulling the strings, is willing to effectively assist in the demise of the Faith so long as "The Church" survives. We shall see what God has to say about all of this - then, many will believe that The M+G+R Foundation has not been "crying wolf". Unfortunately, it will be too late for most of them; as for us, we will sleep well tonight as long as we remain loyal to God and not to man.

July 27 th

NEWS - Outspoken Catholic cardinal captivates audience - Rumored future pope tackles controversies

Relevant Excerpts

(a) ...Arinze was as critical of conservative Catholic foibles as of liberal ones, and his descriptions of his own work were charmingly self-effacing.

In response to a question about how his office prepared a recent document on communion, he spoke of wide consultation with bishops and cardinals, of dozens of drafts and endless amendments before it was finally approved by Pope John Paul II.

"But it is still a human document. It does not pretend to be perfect. So if you find anything that could have been said differently, please tell us," he said to laughter and applause.


(b) Two questions dealt with purported ongoing apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which are wildly popular in some conservative Catholic circles but have not been approved by the church.

Arinze said he would not visit an unapproved apparition site, recommending Mass instead. Even when an apparition has been judged authentic -- such as at Lourdes in France or Fatima in Portugal -- no Catholic is required to believe in it, he said.

"If you don't believe Our Lady came to Fatima and you don't believe Our Lady came to Lourdes, you can still be a good Catholic..." he said.

Miguel de Portugal Comments

(a) It seems that Cardinal Arinze's group just could not get the documents in question right and still have doubts. Thus we ask: "What happened to the Holy Spirit of God, the Infallible Guide of the Church?"

As we have stated a number of times before: "Nothing. The Holy Spirit of God is active and guiding.... the problem is the He does not seem to find anyone at the Vatican that cares enough, or has enough faith in God, to pay attention and act upon Its prompting."

(b) The key issue in the Apparitions of Mary is not whether the Faithful believes them or not. The key issue is whether the Vatican acts upon them and not just pay lip service and financially exploit them. Mary does not come as a tourist. Mary comes for only two major reasons:

i. To conduct the Evangelization that the Church has failed to conduct since it has been too preoccupied and entirely focused for over 1600 years in its image and its survival; and

ii. To call to the attention of the Church Administrations they deviations and exhort them to correct them before it is too late.

Now we ask you, Cardinal Arinze: "Exactly what part of what we communicate to you, in the Name of God, don't you understand?"

July 19 th

NEWS - Polish Student Charged in Porn Case - By WILLIAM J. KOLE, Associated Press Writer

VIENNA, Austria - A 27-year-old Polish seminary student has been charged with possession and distribution of child pornography, a prosecutor said Monday as an investigation widened into Austria's worst church sex scandal in nearly a decade.

Authorities say up to 40,000 photos and numerous videos, including child pornography and pictures of candidates for the priesthood kissing and fondling each other and their older instructors, were found at the Roman Catholic seminary in St. Poelten, 50 miles west of Vienna.

The affair, which has outraged many people in this overwhelmingly Catholic nation, is reminiscent of a 1995 pedophilia scandal that forced then-Cardinal Hermann Groer to resign. Groer, who died last year, had been accused of molesting students at an all-male Catholic boarding school in the mid-1970s.


NEWS - Bankruptcy a risk for Portland archdiocese - By SARAH LINN, Associated Press Writer

PORTLAND, Ore. - By filing for bankruptcy, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland has begun a complicated legal process that could backfire - perhaps forcing church officials to reveal documents they would rather not disclose and give up assets, legal experts say.

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

The Bankruptcy is complete - Moral and Financial... but "the best" is yet to come. They have been amply warned over and over again, but they seem to "know best". God will show the corrupt Church Administrators - who are attempting, by their dissolute and hypocritical actions, to demolish the little faith left amongst Catholics - that, although the Holy Spirit is indeed the Infallible Guide of the Church, the Administrators quit paying attention to Him centuries ago.

Our tears are for the disoriented faithful, but, as for the Church Administrators... "A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; [but] it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold, and see the reward of the wicked." Psalm 91:7-8

July 11 th

NEWS - Holy See Gains More Rights as Observer at U.N. - Zenit Code ZE04070202

Relevant Excerpts

NEW YORK, JULY 2, 2004 ( The U.N. General Assembly unanimously approved a resolution to reinforce the role and privileges of the Holy See within the organization, maintaining its status of "permanent observer."

The body approved the resolution without a vote Thursday. The measure recognizes the Holy See's right to participate in a more direct manner in U.N. sessions and decisions, as one more member, with no right to vote, as suggested by the Vatican in the writing of the resolution.

"These rights had become a common practice for a long time.... The fact that they have now been recognized in writing is an important acknowledgment of the value and work of the Holy See within the organization," the Holy See's permanent observer to the United Nations, Archbishop Celestino Migliore, told the Italian newspaper Avvenire.

The Holy See,... "will be able to participate directly in any debate of the Assembly, without having to wait for the approval of regional groups, and will have the right to reply in debates in which it is challenged directly or indirectly," the nuncio added.

The Vatican will be able to co-sponsor drafts of resolutions or decisions affecting it, as well as publish statements and receive communications from official channels through the U.N. secretary-general

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

As the militant faithful gloat over this (apparent) success for the Church of Rome, they overlook, as it is programmed by the powers in charge, the facts that:

(a) The Vatican lost the crucial and bitterly fought battle to mention Europe's Christian Roots in the new in the European Constitution, yet the vote at the UN to officially enhance the Vatican's position at the United Nations was unanimous .

(b) The "schedule" calls for the next Pope to be the full time "Pope" of the Beast. We state "full time" because poor John Paul II has been manipulated into the position a "transitional Pope" (thus the frequent incoherence of his post 1994 papacy).

May those who have ears, hear; and eyes, see!

June 24 th

NEWS - June 23, 2004 - Cardinal Says Denying Communion May Hurt

Excerpts from article by RACHEL ZOLL, AP Religion Writer

The head of a U.S. bishops' task force studying Roman Catholics in public life told fellow bishops that withholding Holy Communion from politicians or others could hurt the church in its efforts to stop abortion and euthanasia, according to documents released Wednesday.

But Washington Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the task force leader, and a top Vatican (news - web sites) cardinal who advised him, also indicated that the sacrament could be withheld under some circumstances.

McCarrick made the comments during the bishops' closed-door spiritual retreat last week in suburban Denver. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops disclosed details of the task force presentation Wednesday.

"Disciplinary actions are permitted," McCarrick said. "But they should be applied when efforts at dialogue, persuasion and conversion have been fully exhausted."

The M+G+R Foundation Comments

Praised Be Jesus! This is the most logical statement we have heard from an internally influential figure of the Roman Catholic Church about this issue.

As far as we are concerned, McCarrick's position is as close to the principles that we recently published regarding similar situations, as a Church official can publicly assume.

Brothers and sisters, keep on praying; it really works!

News Commentary - May 2004 Edition on File

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