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Letters/Questions - Addressed on  July - August  2004

From PD and MAK @ USA [Published on August 28, 2004]
 Q-1.  How could you encourage your readers to vote for Mr. Kerry, a man that only votes for abortion and stem cell research from aborted babies?  P.D.

Q-2.  I don't agree with the article your referred to me on How to Vote and think he's off base, particularly when he says if the person feels as she does she should go ahead and vote for Kerry and let God stop her if it's against His will. That is nonsensical!  We are called to use our God-given judgment
to use it.  That means making the effort to gather the facts and make intelligent assessments of them.
By the way, I am not a Bush fan and do not intend to vote for him.  But Kerry has disqualified himself from consideration by his evil positions. Real Catholics cannot vote for him.  MAK

 A-1 & 2. We thank both of you for this great opportunity to clarify some points that obviously were not made clear in said document.

First of all, we are not telling anyone how to vote as the clergy often do from the pulpit in open defiance of the teachings of Jesus Christ, on Whose behalf they claim to act. We are attempting to help His children find their way back to Him by understanding "how the Heavenly system works" so to speak.

Since we do not believe in any kind of war nor capital punishment - if the faithful wishes to take "death" as the only "Yay" or "Nay" point of reference to make a voting decision - we would say - stay at home or nominate and vote for a candidate who truly upholds the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Now regarding the statement from MAK "... if the person feels as she does, she should go ahead and vote for Kerry and let God stop her if it's against His will. That is nonsensical!  We are called to use our God-given judgment to use it. "

 Please note that in the How To Vote Document, miguel de Portugal wrote:  "If I  were in your particular situation...." 

This is clearly meant to convey to the reader that the response on how to act would be only applicable to those who are truly His people.  He will never allow any of His own to make a mistake unless it is the only way, with minimum detrimental consequences, that that particular child of His is to learn a very important lesson (and wouldn't you want to make that mistake?).  And who are His own? "My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and put it into practice."  [Luke 8:21]

Somehow  those self righteous, traditionalist, orthodox, right wing activist, holders-of-the-truth, etc. Catholics take it for granted that "they are part of God's inner circle" while they blatantly ignore what Jesus, through Luke (see above) taught us.

Then, when they hear...

"I know you not, whence you are".  Then you shall begin to say: "We have eaten and drunk in thy presence: and thou hast taught in our streets."   And he shall say to you: "I know you not, whence you are. Depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.   There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth; when you shall see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets, in the kingdom of God: and you yourselves thrust out.   And there shall come from the east and the west and the north and the south: and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.  And behold, they are last that shall be first: and they are first that shall be last."   [Luke 13:26-30]

...they will be greatly surprised; but then, it will be too late.

Brethren - everyone is being warned with ample time for the "Claims, Complaints  and Adjustments Window" in Heaven will soon be shut down. Whether you believe miguel de Portugal or not does not increase nor decrease his merits before the Throne of God, only doing His Will by issuing the warnings and providing the guidance He Wills, will do so.

From TA @ USA [Published on August 26, 2004]
 Q.  I have been studying Our Mother's mission for more than 40 years.  But ever since 1961, I became unnerved.  After a millenium-and-a-half of witnessing a relatively placid Mother, She became frenetic in 1961.   Why?

When She began visiting San Sebastian de Garabandal, Spain in 1961, and then when She began appearing in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzogovenia, in 1981 Her mission changed dramatically.

My essay, "What Is Our Blessed Mother Trying To Tell Us?", traces Her two millennia of apparitions in an attempt to pinpoint the mission God has assigned to Her.   Is She now the Father's chief missionary on Earth?   If so, what is She trying to tell us in Garabandal and Medjugorje?   Why was She so disturbed from 1961 to 1965 and then, from 1981 until 1990?  But now, she is placid again?

 A. We thank for sharing your views with us. We shall take this opportunity to share with our readership our comments to you.

She has become frantic not in 1961; She has been extremely concerned since the Apparition in La Salette in 1846. At that time, She delivered an apocalyptic secret which continues to be manifested in time, and will,  until the conclusion of These Times. Then it was in Fátima - requesting a specific action by Rome and announcing World War II if we did not changed our ways. The Roman Church ignored it until it was too late, and now, 150 million deaths later, and in spite of the Vatican lies we await the proverbial "dropping of the other shoe."

Then there were the Apparitions of the Rosa Mystica in Montechiari - and Fontanelle, Italy. First in 1947 and then in 1966. In these Apparitions She was giving a fool-proof  "recipe" to prevent the clergy of the Roman Church from continuing their descent into depravity. She was ignored again, and we now may read all the lurid details of the "clerical sexual activities" in the news, while shedding tears over the many young men whose lives have been ruined by Rome's arrogance. Even now, in the "conservative and holy" Church in Austria... the Vatican knew what was going on for years and did nothing about it until the press took action.  What a disgrace!  With these "Shepherds" there is nothing left for the wolves!

Then, as you point out, it was Garabandal in 1991-1996, and Medjugorge, which we do not believe is truly active any more - regardless of the "official" assertions to the contrary. That may explain the being "placid again" that you mention.

Yes, there is much "chatter" about other Apparitions, locutions, visions and messages from a variety of self appointed "official spokespeople".  What we are really seeing is what we were warned about by John in the Book of Revelations, Chapter 12, verses 15-17

15  And the serpent cast out of his mouth, after the woman, water, as it were a river: that he might cause her to be carried away by the river.  16  And the earth helped the woman: and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the river which the dragon cast out of his mouth.  17  And the dragon was angry against the woman: and went to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. .

The water that the serpent cast out of his mouth, as it were a river, trying to sweep away the woman is precisely the torrent of false messages and visions which are drowning the true and well confirmed by events messages of our Heavenly Mother.

Yes, you are right  - the Father has resorted to send His very special and unique Daughter as the last resort, since the Church founded by His Son has failed miserably in its mission, to warn us that time is almost up before He has to directly intervene to prevent us from destroying each other. His Son was crucified by the Vatican of His time - the Masters of the Temple of Jerusalem -  but Mary, in a Glorified human body, is beyond the reach of them; not only She is Immaculate... but She also is untouchable by Her enemies.

From V. A. @ Australia [Published on August 18, 2004]

Q. Hi!  I write again to thank you for your pages at MGR. I have printed  most of these documents on paper and I seem to grasp better in my mind all that you write. I have found a couple of small errors and also would like to clear up a few questions, hope you don't mind.

May the Good Lord Bless you and us all.

All the best....


 A.  The questions are numerous BUT important enough to be answered for all to read We will respond to them as if it were an interview. One Question and one Answer at a time.  In this manner, it will be easier for all to follow.

Q. In ATTACHMENT 1 "Details of Chronology of Key Events" and "In Marian Apparitions and the Roman Catholic Church. Obviously The Response Was Not Appropriate".
You state " Later the Virgin Mary complained to Lucia regarding the consecration: 'They did not wish to heed my request. like the King of France...'"

A.  In the original Portuguese texts it shows that it was a statement by "Nossa Senhora" - Our Lady. The translation to English states that it was "Our Lord". When we quote from a book we strive not to change the original. In this case, we have now done what we should have done  in the first place: Add a foot note to avoid confusion. Thank you!
Q. You  mentioned in some of your work that Pope John Paul II should step down from the throne of Peter etc. WHY DO YOU SAY THIS ?  DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT GOD ALREADY KNOWS WHAT HAPPENS, LIKE A VIDEOTAPE? PAST , PRESENT AND FUTURE.

A. This is a very complicated issue and not everything that God gives m de P can be expressed in human terms. However, we think that the best possible way to answer your question was already published in  "MYSTERIES OF GOD THAT ALLOW US TO BETTER UNDERSTAND   HEAVENLY MESSAGES -  What is Time and Eternity"

Q. You  mentioned in some of your work that Pope John Paul II should step down from the throne of Peter etc. yet you also state in "The General Sequence of Events Leading To The End Of These Times" Step No 2...... The Consecration will be performed by John Paul II.

A.  First, he does not have to still be "officially" occupying the Chair of Peter to perform said consecration. Also, we still have to contend with the issue explained at "The Attempt to Harness Prophesied Supernatural Events - To Gain Manipulative Control Worldwide. The Response From Heaven".

Because this sad situation  (and utilizing earthly lingo):  "All bets are off." God may, and will when absolutely necessary, modify what has been previously announced by Him through past visionaries, etc., to circumvent the abuse of those who want to "Be Like God". However, be assured, that somehow all will take place one way or another and it will be possible to trace all of them directly to God.  Man will not get the Glory that is only due to God. We shall see to that!

Q. I also wonder about why the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary wasn't done earlier and the way it was asked of.

A.  Unfortunately, as we have stated before, the Church of Rome has, for the last ca. 1600 years been more concerned about its image and self preservation than to serve Him, Who founded it.

Being that the Holy Spirit of God finds a deaf audience in Rome, it was not until Hitler started the Second World War that Rome saw their deadly (100 million deaths and untold suffering - so far!) mistake and H.H. Pius XII made the requested Consecration.... except it was too late and not done in the manner requested.  Just another example of "Pain is the Megaphone that God uses for the deaf (CHURCH Administrators included!) to hear".

Since the Church Administration continues in the same path, the world will witness in horror how high God will turn the volume of the megaphone. Then, the Church Administration will come around...

By not doing it, the blame can go only to himself (intentionally) rather than all his bishops causing suffering to our Lord and a great sin to their soul?

A.  It is for God to assign responsibilities and extract payment through the exercise of Divine Justice, and not for us to speculate about it.

Q. Or perhaps its our fault too,  maybe we weren't ready to accept /follow this devotion to the Immaculate Heart Of Mary. And again this would've been a grave sin, since we "knew" but take no action on our part.

A. If there is a major sin committed by the faithful (although perhaps subconsciously encouraged by the clergy through their "almighty attitude") has been not to pray in earnest for the clergy as well as for the Church Administrators. The faithful demands more and more from their pastors - perfection included - but do not "throw at them a crumb" of a prayer or the merits of a sacrifice.  It is the usual "gimme" attitude - so unChristian, yet practiced by most "Christians" of the world. Thus, the condition of the world today.

It is not a secret that we frequently and constructively "rake over the coals" the clerics, as well as the Church Administrators, as God demands for These Times, just as it was done during the time that He walked amongst men.  However, rarely a day goes by that miguel de Portugal does not pray for them in earnest and with utmost sincerity - as well frequently assign the merits of the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass for their conversion and assistance. This is everyone's duty and responsibility and the faithful will have to account before the throne of God as to why  they were not assisting His Ministers who live and work in this snake pit called "World".

How many of the faithful ever consider how hard is for a priest "to be a priest"? Precious few, we assure you!

Not only a priest's ministry is physically demanding but it is also psychologically and spiritually demanding - and God forbid if the poor men complain! Yes, we are the first to recognize that there are exceptions yet, even "those exceptions" need to be prayed for! Remember, 'God allows the rain and the sunshine to fall upon the just and unjust alike' and 'Be perfect as the Father is perfect.'

 As if that was not enough, the day when they are ordained, satan is right there, by the Bishop, to place a virtual mark on them showing them to be a "preferred target" for all demons and unclean spirits who prowl through satan's Principality - the Earth. So, brethren, the faithful cannot allow the priests to "get away with murder" BUT they must place them at the top of their daily prayer lists.

From Fr. Davis @ USA [Published on August 16, 2004]

Re: Your Q'uran article
Simply put: truth and error (q"uran) equals error.  However praiseworthy S verses re Jesus and Mary, it is a false religion  in it's founder and its teachings. Yes I understand that St. Thomas A said "Truth must be accepted wherever it's found."  Satan also mixes truth with error.
 Peace be with you

 Fr. Davis

A. Right you are about "Satan also mixes truth with error". Look what he has done with the Church that Jesus Christ founded to spread the Good News. He has had to repeatedly send His Most Holy Mother to point the way, over and over again, to those like you, officially charged with the Evangelization. Still, the world continue in its free-fall into the abyss because the truth continues to be ignored at a horrendous price.

May the Holy Spirit of God Illuminate you, sir. You still have a little time left before the Invoice is presented.

miguel de Portugal

From Fr. S.V. @ USA [Published on August 9, 2004]

          NOTE:  This is a letter from our July, 2001 files. It is time to answer it now and in this Public Forum so that many profit from it.

Dear m de P:

Just concluded with a pleasant conversation with Fr. R.  He reminded me of Jesus Who remained meek and humble when confronted by the dagger questions of Pilate.

As I had shared with you, I have taken on way different from yours.  My thrust for about a year has been to prepare the people for what is on its way instead of telling them of how bad things are.  There are those who do not appreciate my change of approach...  When they and I meet in heaven, they will come to kiss my whatever kind of feet I will have therein.

I send you a blessing with one phrase I had learned from my mother's knees; "You can draw more flies with honey than with vinegar".


Fr. S. V.

 A. We presume that Fr. R. referred to the questions posed to Our Lord Jesus Christ by the clerics and hierarchy of His time and not by Pilate.  As we learn from the Holy Scriptures, it was Pilate who acknowledged Jesus King of the Jews and it were the clerics and hierarchy who manipulated (Oh, how well they do that!) Pilate into the crucifying of Our Lord.

In regards of  the phrase you learned from your mother's knees ["You can draw more flies with honey than with vinegar"] - I praise God that neither Our Lord Jesus Christ nor John the Baptist  (nor my, for that matter!) mothers' teach it to them. Otherwise we would have never known how similar was the hierarchy of the Temple of His time to the Administrators of the Roman Catholic Church.

Just a few examples to refresh everyone's memory that all that Jesus and John the Baptizer spoke were not polyannish platitudes dripping in molasses and honey as the faithful are made to believe when they start getting "hot under the collar" with the duplicity and abuses of the Church Administrators.

From Our Lord Jesus Christ

Matthew Chapter 23: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! , Woe unto you, ye blind guides,... , Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

Matthew Chapter 16:   A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

Matthew Chapter 21:  And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

From John the Baptizer

Matthew Chapter 3:  But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

Amongst the most important teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ we find His continuous example of "Calling a spade, a spade" for He despises duplicity.

Regarding your commentary: "...they will come to kiss my whatever kind of feet I will have therein."  We would like to to bring to your attention a passage in the Acts of the Apostles [Chapter 14], as a reminder to you that there are only two sets of feet that man should ever kiss and neither belong to a member of the clergy.

And when the people saw what Paul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in the speech of Lycaonia, The gods are come down to us in the likeness of men. And they called Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mercurius, because he was the chief speaker. Then the priest of Jupiter, which was before their city, brought oxen and garlands unto the gates, and would have done sacrifice with the people. Which when the apostles, Barnabas and Paul, heard of, they rent their clothes, and ran in among the people, crying out,  And saying, Sirs, why do ye these things? We also are men of like passions with you,....
        May God have Mercy on you and your colleagues.

From S @ USA [Published on August 1, 2004]

          Q.  How Should Catholics Determine Which Candidate to Vote For?

 A. We have received an extensive letter - summarized in the question posed above - which is so crucial to be answered for worldwide dissemination, that we have chosen to immediately issue it as a document titled: How Should Catholics Determine Which Candidate to Vote For?
From CARB @ Australia [Published on July 26, 2004]

           Q.  What does Miguel de Portugal has to say about the Neo Catechumenate Way.  We are becoming very confused and divided in the parish.

God Bless!


A. We have published two documents which may Light your and your Parish's way regarding this very divisive issue. One of them was published very recently, The Seven Capital Vices of the Ecclesiastical Movements, and another, Simple Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining an Overly Zealous Religious Group, which we have had on-line for some time now.

From EBM @ USA [Published on July 21, 2004]

 Q.  I live in the diocese of XYZ, in ABC, USA, and am a member of a Roman Catholic Parish.

There is also a Greek Orthodox Church near where I live, and for awhile, I've been interested in visiting there to attend Sunday Mass.

I have two questions:  1) Will attending a Mass at the Greek Orthodox Church fulfill my Sunday Obligation; and, 2) I've been told that their Sacraments are valid, so may I partake of the Holy Eucharist there (as long as I am not in a state of mortal sin?)

Thank you for your consideration of my questions, and God Bless You!!


          A. Your questions are very important in defining the state of affairs "between" the same Church.
Your first and second questions are answered by our posting in our Board of June 29, 2004. We quote:
June 29, 2004 - Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul

 To commemorate that Bartholomew I, considered first among equals among Orthodox Patriarchs, will participate in the Mass that H.H. John Paul II will preside over in St. Peter's Square on the solemnity of the Apostles Peter and Paul, let us review the True Petrine Ministry. A Ministry definition both men believe in but are not allowed to openly express nor practice.

Your first question needs an additional response: Technically - by the rules of men - A Catholic of the Roman Church will not be allowed to partake of the Sacraments of any of the Orthodox Patriarchal Churches unless they have abandoned the Roman Catholic Church and joined any of the Orthodox Patriarchal Churches, unless, of course, there is a spiritual emergency.

What we suggest that you do, in keeping with the man-made rules [which have nothing to do with God, nor God recognizes them any more than Jesus recognized the equivalent man-made rules of the Temple Masters of His day], is to attend the Sunday vigil Mass on Saturday evening and then attend the Divine Liturgy at the Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday. You may partake of the Blessed Bread (the bread which has been Blessed prior to undergoing transubstantiation) but will not be able to approach the Cup.

For those who enjoy the Roman Tridentine Rite, once exposed to the Orthodox Byzantine Rite, the Tridentine Rite will appear more like the Novus Ordo Mass by comparison. Whoever said that the "Tridnetine Mass is the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven" obviously never participated in a full blown Divine Liturgy of the Byzantine Rite.

From VA @ Australia [Published on July 11, 2004]
 Q.  (This is part of a lengthy communication which will be answered in full as time allows.)

(a) I do agree 100% of everything you say but at the same time we shouldn't give the blame to Pope John Paul II.

(b) Furthermore, I also believe that we should be obedient to him, but up to the point where we believe its him we are obeying and not his tribe at the Vatican.

(c) Thank you very much for the insightful MGR website, I've been reading your website for some time now after a spiritually 'enlightening' experience of my own. I have to say that the points made appear to make a lot of sense.


          A.Your kind words Glorify God Whom we strive to serve.
(a) One thing is what the rank-and-file faithful, clergy and hierarchy can and should do and another is what miguel de Portugal must and, with the appropriate granted authority, is to do. (We refer you to the posting dated June 26 th directly below this response.)

(b) What you express in item (b) above is exactly the way it should be. The problem comes when the Holy Spirit of God is being blocked by the "faithful" thus becoming incapable of discerning which is which. Unfortunately this is true in the majority. Keep in mind - Noah's Arc was not overcrowded with human beings... God does not make mistakes.

(c) The truth makes always much sense; it is perfectly logic and coherent, so long as the condition set forth in item (b) above is fulfilled.

From DS @ Ireland [Published on June 26, 2004]
 Q.  Thank you very much for the insightful MGR website, I've been reading your website for some time now after a spiritually 'enlightening' experience of my own. I have to say that the points made appear to make a lot of sense.

I have two questions for you:

1) How did Miguel have his own conversion?

2) Some documents on the website ask for the resignation of the present pope, under what authority does the author feel he can demand such actions? Surely this pope is a shining light and whatever contradictions his papacy may hold are likely due to misguided individuals around him.

What say ye?


          A.Your kind words Glorify God Whom we strive to serve.
1) The conversion of Miguel took place in an instant/flash, in the most unlikely surroundings and circumstances and at a time when Miguel was seeking  supernatural assistance to act in a manner that would have rendered his soul unable/unfit/incapable to carry on the work for which he was created in the first place (clearly seen in retrospect view, of course). In that instant it became crystal clear Who God Was/Is/Will Ever Be and that Miguel's only purpose/function was to serve Him.  How? He did not have the faintest idea.

Then the process of physical, psychological and spiritual purification started at an accelerated rate.  Six years later, when he had everything any converted-to-God human could possibly have/need (in the spiritual, social and material domains), God said (paraphrasing): "Now, leave all behind and follow Me." He gave Miguel the Grace to say "Yes" in an instant, so he did.

2) The answer to your second question is quite simple and will be give in the form of another question.

Considering that we are at the doors of the End of These Times and that Miguel de Portugal acknowledges that Karol Wojtyla was elected to be the last legitimate successor of Peter, who, then, would be the only one to be in a position to grant such authority to Miguel?

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