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Marian Apparitions Over the Centuries

Overall Conclusions

If we stand back and take a broad view at all credible Marian Apparitions since the ones of Our Lady of Guadalupe to date, we immediately see a common thread.

1. We have failed to live the Gospel and find ourselves in a most serious situation, heading for much suffering and near annihilation;

2. Our Lord Jesus Christ, in His infinite Mercy, sends to us His and our Mother to help us find the path back to Him;

3. The complaints from the Virgin Mary are always the same... "You have drifted away from My Son and His Gospel and you are heading for worse times if you continue this Godless path";

4. The requests are always the same...

a. Prayer, specifically the Rosary;

b. Avail yourselves to the Sacraments, most especially the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist;

c. Perform acts of Penance and Reparation; and

d. Place God first in living your lives [Matthew 6:24-34] by living the Gospel; if not...

5. God, for our own good, will allow punishment to befall us and bring us to our senses and realize that the path that we have chosen is not good for His creation, thus for us ! We already have had a horrendous sample of this (1).

Would God bring harm upon His children ? No ! Of course not ! What happens is that we drift away from Him through our inordinate preoccupation with worldly matters, then something else must fill the space that He occupied.

That something else is evil, the multifaceted manifestation of satan. So it is really satan that is inflicting the suffering on us, not God. God allows it because we drifted away from Him and out of the protection of "the shadow of His wing" (Psalm 91). His laws are immutable and the fulfillment of His promises are always conditional to our response to His call.

For example. In the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the proclamation is made: "Glory to God in the highest and PEACE TO HIS PEOPLE on earth" (the original Latin is: "Glory to God in the highest and on earth PEACE TO ALL OF GOOD WILL."). However, very little peace exists in the world. Why ? His "PEACE" is for "HIS PEOPLE", people of "GOOD WILL", not for others. "HIS PEOPLE" and "GOOD WILL" were well defined when He said: "For whosoever shall do the will of God, he is my brother, and my sister, and mother." (Mk 3:35). It is amazingly simple !

When catastrophe befalls humanity, with our usual stiff-necked attitude, we try to explain it in every possible way except that it was an act allowed by God "as a disciplinary action" for our own good. We must remember that life continues after the human body dies. God is looking at the overall plan as He acts in accordance to our eternal good.

Viewing this through a worldly and common example: When an individual, of the world, (not of God) repeatedly gets discharged from his jobs for sheer incompetence, he turns around and claim that: a. It was discrimination; or b. The boss favored his replacement; c. He was too good and his boss feared him; etc.

Every reason except the right one: "Sheer incompetence". Will he improve ? Not until he realizes that: a. He is simply incompetent and needs to learn the trade better; and b. The bosses are doing him a favor and their organizations a favor.

If the incompetent employee doesn't learn this, one day he will no longer be able to obtain a job and he will face a major crisis.

Man has had nearly 2,000 years to learn, implement and live the Gospel. Yet, we have turned the magnificent creation of God into a sewer. We have repeatedly placed man before God. Just because we have made some technological advances in astro physics and bio chemistry, to name two, we think that "we are creators" and that we do not need God. "This is the 21st Century" many will say as a reason to deny God.

In our awesome arrogance we think that because we can measure the distance from Earth to Supernova X with tremendous accuracy, or we can prevent a pregnancy with a pill or we can understand some of the workings of the genes or have an elementary understanding of the theory of relativity, we can play "God".

If man thinks that he is really Godlike, then he should try the following:

1. Stop a hurricane and/or a tornado or change its course.

2. Stop an earthquake.

3. Create a simple creature - say an amoeba?

4. Change the orbit of the earth in a manner that physical life would be better than it is now.

5. Regulate the Sun so that we have perfect climate control.

Better yet. Let us try to achieve peace in our hearts, in our families, in our neighborhoods and in the world , without God...

Impossible ! Peace comes from love, and God's manifestation is "love" itself. It is simply a metaphysical and mathematical impossibility: Without God, there is no love. Without love, there is no peace. Again, utter simplicity.

This man-made peace is what the famous Universal System promoters are telling us that can be achieved through its implementation. We cannot even achieve peace in our own homes, much less our own countries and, now, we are going to believe that man can achieve peace worldwide without God ? This is a cruel joke and people are falling for it!

The same ancient story: "Eat the fruit of the forbidden tree and you will be like God" = "Follow man's way, not God's way, and you will do better".

My dear ones, the only way to "approach" being like God is to attain a high degree of holiness through LOVE (2).

The Overall Conclusion from this Work is quite simple:

We have been told that:

a. These are the last warnings from Heaven;

b. A chastisement worse than the flood of Noah's time will befall us; and

c. We must follow all the much repeated recommendations from Heaven
to reduce the severity of the Chastisement and to minimize the suffering of souls.

Let us balance the forecasting precision of "that lady that keeps showing up" with the promises made by men and which are seldom fulfilled.

This writer, as a scientist and a romantic, can see God's Creation, and it is (was) very good !

This writer can also see man's "creation", to which he himself contributed heavily, as a scientist and a businessman, and it is an abomination !

Obviously - This writer recommends taking the chances with "the lady that keeps appearing" and who "might just be" be the Mother of the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity (3) and who is calling all back to God.

And you? What will your choice be?

(1) The Marian Apparitions in Fatima and The Roman Catholic Church Administration
(2) How to attain a high degree of holiness through LOVE
(3) The Secret Concept of the Most Holy Trinity

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