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Posted on February 15th, 2011

It looks like..... scientists - this time physicians - are scrambling to figure out something that just doesn't fit with their "wisdom". (1)
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Chase was also born prematurely, and he was legally blind. When he was 1 year old, doctors did an MRI, expecting to find he had a mild case of cerebral palsy. Instead, they discovered he was completely missing his cerebellum -- the part of the brain that controls motor skills, balance and emotions.

"That's when the doctor called and didn't know what to say to us," Britton said in a telephone interview. "No one had ever seen it before. And then we'd go to the neurologists and they'd say, 'That's impossible.' 'He has the MRI of a vegetable,' one of the doctors said to us."

Chase is not a vegetable, leaving doctors bewildered and experts rethinking what they thought they knew about the human brain.

"There are some very bright, specialized people across the country and in Europe that have put their minds to this dilemma and are continuing to do so, and we haven't come up with an answer," Dr. Adre du Plessis, chief of Fetal and Transitional Medicine at Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., told Fox News affiliate WGRZ.

Chase also is missing his pons, the part of the brain stem that controls basic functions, such as sleeping and breathing. There is only fluid where the cerebellum and pons should be, Britton said.

"So it is a mystery."

The M+G+R Foundation comments: When the fools learn that the One Who calls the proverbial shots is God, many things will become clear for them. In the meantime, they will continue to stumble in total darkness while striving for adulation from other humans.

Just a "Commercial" reminding all that There is nothing, but nothing!, impossible for God - except making a mistake, of course.

By the way - some of the media is calling it a "Medical Miracle".

The "illuminated set".... we could leave home without them!

(1) News Report

Did you know that..... now, two full fledged astrophysicists claim that indeed there is a mystery giant planet hidden in our Solar System? (1)
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There's a giant planet right here, hiding in our Solar System. One that nobody has ever seen, even while it is four times larger than Jupiter and has rings and moons orbiting it. At least, that's what two astrophysicists say.

The name of the planet is Tyche. The scientists are John Matese and Daniel Whitmire, from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. According to them, this colossus is hiding in the Oort Cloud--the asteroid beehive that forms the outer shell of our home system, one light-year in radius. They claim that data already captured by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer proves its existence. It only needs to be analyzed... over the next two years.

Would Tyche be the 9th planet of our Solar System, after Pluto's demise? If its existence is finally confirmed, its Solar System planet status may not be guaranteed. The reason: Astronomers theorize that Tyche could be a planet born in another star system and captured by ours. But whatever classification it gets, it's exciting to think that there may be a new neighbor just around the corner. 

The M+G+R Foundation comments (tongue in cheek): We have "to hand it to them" for a possible public relations coup.... Even when they confirm Tyche's existence they can still say that there was never a Planet X as it has been claimed by many (2) ( "X" being the Roman Numeral for the number 10) since in the post-Pluto Solar System there are only eight planets now and Tyche would be No. 9.

(1) News Report
(2) About Planet "X"

If you wonder how.... Escrivá and his Opus Dei fared with the Popes prior to John Paul II, take a look [0]:
In favor under Pius XII
Opus Dei was in favor under Pope Pius XII, who reigned from 1939 to 1958.  During 1943, with World War II at its height, it took less than 6 months for the Vatican to approve creation of Escrivá’s “Priestly Society of the Holy Cross” as an adjunct to Opus Dei.[1]  In 1947, less than 12 months after the founder made the request to Pius XII, the Pope made Opus Dei and its priestly affiliate a “secular pontifical institute.”  This gave the movement what Opus Dei historians describe as “universal juridical standing” and “convenient internal autonomy,” protecting it from “incomprehension and persecution.”[2]  In 1950, Pius XII made the “pontifical institute” status permanent, and approved the movement’s charter and statutes; in 1952, he appointed Cardinal Federico Tedeschini as “Protector” of Opus Dei.[3]  Tad Szulc, a biographer of John Paul II, notes that “very quietly, Opus Dei was acquiring influence all over the world, at strategic points in Church establishments and … very discreetly in political and business circles.” [4]
Out of favor under John XXIII and Paul VI
However, the movement and its founder were at arm's length (at best) with Popes John XXIII (1958-1963) and Paul VI (1963-1978).  As an Italian newspaper notes, “Between 1967 and 1973, when Opus Dei already numbered 40,000 Catholics, Pope Paul VI refused even to meet Escriva, wanting to draw a clear line between himself and the regime of General Franco in Spain.”[5]  A Catholic journalist, Michael Walsh, has said, “Popes before the present one [John Paul II, at the time Walsh wrote] can hardly be said to have been enthusiastic in their endorsement of Opus, and for every bishop who welcomes Opus into his diocese it is clear that there are many who either will not accept them, or are unhappy at finding them installed in their jurisdiction when they take up their appointments.”[6]  During his lifetime, Escrivá never became a bishop; the four Popes who reigned from 1928 to 1975 (from the establishment of Opus Dei until the founder’s death) did not grant this promotion to him.  Escrivá repaid these popes with public obeisance and private derision.  He said of Pius XII, “Let’s see if he leaves us in peace once and for all, and the Lord God in his infinite mercy takes him to heaven,” and referred to John XXIII as “a hick,” and called Paul VI “an old Jesuit” – which was not a compliment.[7]

[0] The Scandalous Truth About Opus Dei - Part I
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Posted on February 14th, 2011

Did you know that..... if you understand  the workings of the Spiritual (Divine) Laws and apply this knowledge to your life, your passage through Time will be as easy as is possible?

The key here is understanding how they work.

Posted on February 13th, 2011

From (Mr.) LP @ US

Following is the admitted relationship between Communion and Liberation and Opus Dei, and the size of the Neo-Catechumenal Way

The following is from a 2005 list of new ecclesial movements, in my 2005-2006 SCP journal stories about OD (1). Note that Santorum, who is now out of the Senate, is being discussed as a Republican Presidential candidate for 2012.

In 2002, Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) said, "Even now we witness this ‘new evangelization’ through many ecclesial lay movements such as Opus Dei, the Neocatechumenate, Focolare, Regnum Christi, Communion and Liberation."

From Chapter 25 of False Dawn (4):

The new ecclesial movements are growing, and exist worldwide. The Legionaries of Christ have "500 priests, another 2,500 seminarians, 1,000 consecrated lay persons, and 30,000 active members in twenty nations."  (5) As of 2001, Opus Dei had "82,443 laity and 1,763 priests" as members (6); another 2,000 deacons and priests were in the closely related Priestly Society of the Holy Cross (7). More than half of Opus Dei members, about 47,000, are in continental Europe. The Neo-Catechumenal Way has "more than fifty ‘Redemptoris Mater’ seminaries throughout the world, from which thousands of priests have emerged and been juridically incardinated in the dioceses, but are often, in fact, at the exclusive service of the Way." The "Way" has about one million members in 786 dioceses worldwide. Focolare has "several million ‘adherents’ with 80,000 core members" in 1,500 dioceses in 190 countries. Most of the youths who flock – in the hundreds of thousands – to Papal masses at Youth Day celebrations "do not come from the parishes, but from the movements: Focolare, the Neocatechumenal Way, the Charismatics. These are to a great extent made up of converts, of lukewarm Christians who have returned to a strong faith practice."

If Catholic authorities restructure the Church based on the new ecclesial movements, Catholic parishes and dioceses would cease to embody the unity of the faithful. They would instead become recruiting grounds for competing authoritarian, politicized sects that claim allegiance to the Pope. This would be a radical revision of the structure and beliefs of the Catholic Church, a change that would eclipse the revisions in doctrine and discipline now being sought by Call to Action and other liberal dissenters.



(1)  The Scandalous Truth About Opus Dei - Part I
       The Scandalous Truth About Opus Dei - Part II
(2) Tom Hoopes, "Groundswell: The Pope, the New Movements, and the Church," Crisis Magazine, December 2004,, printed 09/02/05.
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(7) David V. Barrett, The New Believers: A Survey of Sects, Cults, and Alternative Religions, Cassell & Co., 2001, p. 200.

A. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of our readers. Most Christians have no idea of the size and influence of these cults-sects within the Roman Catholic Church.

For the readers who are not familiar with Vittorio Messori - he is an author and journalist very intimate to the Vatican circles. (1) Therefore, when he wrote that: Guissani told him over a decade ago, "we are the guerrillas, the irregulars, the rock-throwers. We do our part, and sometimes really stir something up. But those people in the Work [Opus Dei], they have the tanks: they are well armored with rubber-coated treads. Nobody has heard of them yet, but they’re here, believe me. And we’ll be talking more and more about them, you’ll see.", you may rest assured that it is true.

Of course, if you have any doubts, a quick review of Who Is Who in Opus Dei (2) should help allay your doubts.

Do notice that if "you do the math" Guissani statement was made in 1984, a little over 26 years ago. Can you imagine what it is now?
(1) About Vittorio Messori
(2) Who Is Who in Opus Dei

From (Mrs.) RM @ Puerto Rico

Reading the posts of February 2nd and 4th (1) in conjunction, I wonder if I am understanding them correctly:
It is stated that LP's belief is correct about his impression that: "the natural order would be restored to the full beauty and abundance that God originally intended, and that He first gave mankind in Eden."

It will be at the time of the Second Coming of Our Lord. Then, if I'm not wrong, a little bit before, the first resurrection will happen, and a bit before, the true rapture of the Elect.

Here, maybe at the same time, with it will also take place, in a "blink of an eye" (speedy witness, Malachi 3, 4) a judgment against " sorcerers, and adulterers, and false swearers, and them that oppress the hireling in his wages; the widows, and the fatherless: and oppress the stranger, and have not feared me, saith the Lord of hosts." Malachi 3, 5.

This part of the scripture is written in First Person, referring to Jesus: "And I will come to you in judgment..."
But, still before all this happens:
"...he shall purify the sons of Levi (the clergy), and shall refine them as gold, and as silver, and they shall offer sacrifices to the Lord in justice (offer the proper Divine Liturgy by holy men)".  It implied that a remnant of the clergy will remain to appropriately offer the Divine Liturgy. Malachi 3, 3.
A question arises: Who will make the purification of the sons of Levy, and will it take place before the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus? When it is said: "I send my angel, and he shall prepare the way before my face", is it talking about the executor of the purification of the sons of Levy?
Another question arises: Is the appropriate offering of the Divine Liturgy for our own time, or it  is for the time when the natural order would be restored to the full beauty and abundance that God originally intended, and that He first gave mankind in Eden?


A. Assuming that we have understood your questions....

a. All purification and cleansing - from the "sons of Levi" on to the rest of the global population - will have to be completed before the Second Coming. Most of those who will be physically alive at the time of the Second Coming will have to undergo Purgatory on Earth.
b. We are sure that there will be some form of Divine Liturgy between the time of the Second Coming and the End (on or about 2832 AD) - and that is the "appropriate Divine Liturgy" spoken about.
c. How and by whom the purification will be carried out - Those are details that are being worked right now by God. Remember our often repeated entreaty: "Pray so that the blows that awaits humanity as part of the purification activated through the Divine Justice are softened." and "Pray that we have more of a Green Apocalypse"? That is exactly what we are talking about - attempting, through prayer, to influence God as He works out the details of the dispensation of Divine Justice.

In conclusion: Quoting from the conclusion of the Creation Time Line (2) we published two years ago...

 Eventually Jesus comes into the scene (First Coming) since the Chosen People - the "Third Cut" of the Elect -  still did not understand how God wanted them to live so that they could return to Paradise. Those who accept Jesus as the Messiah become the Fourth Cut of the Elect.

2,000 years later, the leaders of the new chosen people - those who accept Jesus as the Messiah - do not do any better than the leaders of organized religion when Jesus walked amongst men.

In the meantime humanity's technological advances are great and getting very close to where they were at the time the Flood came about. Mankind - including its religious leadership - is again in full defiance of God.

God is left with no choice and, once again, allows the destruction of most of humanity. This brings the surviving groups back to almost zero, in numbers and in level of  technology  . They start rebuilding just as those, symbolized by the Noah story, had to do. This group composes the "Fifth Cut" of the Elect.

This time satan is locked up; the remnant can rebuild in accordance with God's plan, and without satan's interference.  In about one thousand years, satan is briefly released so that he can once again tempt all who populate the Earth then.  This time, most of the living will choose Godly ways. God will be finally glorified by most of humanity and God brings Creation to a close on or about the year 2832 AD.
(1)  All FYI&R Posts for February 2011
(2) The Real Time Life of Creation

Posted on February 11th, 2011 [Our Lady of Lourdes]

From miguel de Portugal @ Noon (EST)

Regarding the resignation of Egyptian President Mubarak....

Yesterday, at ca. 5:30 PM (EST), we sent the following (edited) letter to part of our list:

We have viewed, heard and seen Egypt's President Mubarak "pour a bucket of ice water" upon the outraged Egyptian populace.

He stated that he will remain in power until the September elections defying what he claims to be foreign interference, while ignoring millions of Egyptians demanding his resignation.

Keep the people of Egypt in your prayers and that the Will of God will be fulfilled in the entire region.

A blood bath may be in the offing.

May God Have Mercy on His Elect!

Today, during the live reporting from Cairo as of  9 AM (EST) the crowds were getting more menacing, even though not many had heard the television broadcast announcing that the military was standing behind President Mubarak and that he would only step down after the September elections. If the entire crowd had heard this betrayal by the army, their fury would have exploded with such destructive power as we have not seen in decades.

Then at 11:02 AM (EST) the world is informed that Mubarak had resigned. This brought to mind the just published story (1) about Our Lady of Hope (Pontmain, France). A massive bloodshed had been averted - Praised be God!

This does not mean that the schedule has been altered, or the events of the sequence delayed. On the contrary - what we are seeing is the confirmation that there will not be any more delays. Nevertheless, God is responding to prayers seeking the cushioning of the blows upon humanity. Today, the Egyptian people were Blessed in this way.

Without a doubt, the radical Muslims will try, with all their might, to influence the immediate future of Egypt, as well as that of Tunisia, Yemen and other neighboring countries. Unfortunately, due to the endemic incompetence of our political and diplomatic leaders, they will have a measure of success. How much? Not as much as they would like, since the world financial, political and religious systems will collapse before they are able to establish their "dream system".

What to do? We have already outlined that in the past (2) (3) (4).  These recommendations gain more weight every day, since there is nothing else left to do - just as this was the case for those at Laval, France, when the Prussian troops were literally at their doors.

(1) Our Lady of Hope
(2) What Can We Do? Part I
(3) What Can We Do? Part II
(4) Pray and then Pray Some More

From (Mrs.) IW @ US

[excerpt from a lengthy letter]

  ....God has shown me many little things and I have tried my best to correct those, but there still must be much more for my sufferings to be so intense. I have wondered too, if it is possible that this suffering is not because of my own actions/inactions but of those very close to me. But since I don't feel the "peace" you speak of with Redemptive Suffering (1), I just keep looking within myself....


This is not a state easy to achieve unless one fully understands the mechanism.

The peace that we speak about is attained when one knows that one has done all that one can reasonably do to resolve the situation at hand.  The key here is the modifier "reasonably"; that is, not going overboard; then, the proverbial ball is in God's court.

You may then ask - "What if I have not done all that He wants in accordance to my interpretation of 'reasonably'"?

The answer is quite simply - and it is a prayer that m de P frequently offers: "Lord, if there is anything else that I need to do about (this or that) and which I have not done, show me what it is and help me do it in accordance to Thy Will. Please, do not let the evil one deceive me about it for You are above all and no one, but no one can interfere with an act of Your Holy Will as You assist Your children who are desirous to truly do Your Will."

We pray that the above explanation has clarified this issue for many.
(1) Redemptive Suffering

Did you know that..... the serious media continues to alert about the critical state of the Yellowstone supervolcano while at the same time downplaying the possibility of a mega eruption?

The huge volcano under Yellowstone National Park has been rising at an unprecedented rate during the past several years, according to a new study.

In the ancient past, the Yellowstone volcano produced some of the biggest-known continental eruptions, but the recent rising doesn't mean another doomsday eruption is looming, scientists say.

The recent rising is unprecedented for Yellowstone's caldera — the cauldron-shaped part of the volcano — but it's not uncommon for other volcanoes around the world. The new study has simply revealed a more active caldera at Yellowstone than scientists realized.

"It's pretty exciting when you see something that's five times larger than what you've seen in the past," said Charles Meertens, director of the nonprofit UNAVCO facility in Boulder, Colo., which aids geoscience research. Meertens is a former postdoctoral fellow under one of the study's authors, Robert Smith of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. (1)

The M+G+R Foundation comments: What is precisely significant is the repeated serious alerts while downplaying it. Let's face it - it is not as if there was a shortage of "on the edge of the seat" news to report (so that they must "scrape the bottom of the barrel" to have something to write about). Think about it!

MSNBC News Report

From (Mrs.) IW @ Latin America

"Chinese Military Builds-Up, favors pre-emptive nuclear strike policy against U.S. in a 'crisis'" (1)
Americans do not really know the magnitude of the "problem"... and they should.

A. Denial (2) is a state that is not exclusive to individuals - whole nations and/or their leadership can be as much in denial as the proverbial "guy next door."

(1) Fox News Report
(2) State of Denial

Did you know that..... "holiness" and "sanctity" is not always what we would like to believe they are?

When most instructed-in-the-history-of-the-faith Catholics hear about St. Vincent Ferrer (c. 1350-1419) they may practically hear the angelic choirs singing his praises, yet.... the historian, Paul Johnson, a Catholic himself, in his book A History of the Jews (Harper and Row, 1987, p. 222) indicates that if anyone deserves the credit for institutionalized anti-Semitism in the Roman Catholic Church, it was Vincent Ferrer.

The major anti-Semitic riots in Seville in the late 1300s "are often blamed on the great Dominican preacher Vincente Ferrer (c. 1350-1419), afterwards canonized. But his role was much more subtle, and more sinister from the Jew's point of view. Indeed, he helped to develop a pattern of anti-Semitism which was to reverberate thunderously in the twentieth century. It is true that his public preachings were often associated with anti-Semitic hysteria and outrages. But he did not encourage rioting; on the contrary - he deplored it. He publicly condemned the 1391 riots. He thought it wicked and un-Christian that the mob should take the law into its own hands. Instead, it was the duty of the state to act, and to proceed lawfully. The riots showed clearly that the Jews posed a 'problem' to society to which a 'solution' must be found. Hence Ferrer and his clerical colleagues were responsible for a series of anti-Jewish policies approved by the Spanish-favoured antipope Benedict XIII, and for the selection as King of Aragon of Ferdinand I, who began to implement them. The war against the Jews was taken out of the hands of the mob and made the official business of church and government."

Brethren, ignorance is not bliss - ignorance can be deadly. When we speak of "deadly" in Eternal terms, we should all make great efforts at being well informed or, better yet, live within the Light of the Holy Spirit of God.

Posted on February 8th, 2011

From (Mr.) RBB @ Spain

I have found this without searching it, but actually do not know what it is telling us:

The Book of Enoch was definitively separated from the canon since the Council of Laodicea, in 364.  (1)

Immediately, the number 364 called my attention, because precisely that number is central in the polemics on the calendar described in Enoch's Book:

The year was composed from 364 days, divided in 4 equal seasons of 91 days each. .... It is not known how they used to reconcile this calendar with the tropical year of 365.24219 days (at least seven suggestions have been made), and it is not even sure if they felt the need to adjust it. (2)

And, from the Book of Genesis, we know that "Enoch lived a total of 365 years" [Gen 1:5:23]

An intriguing fact is that the Laodicea Council - allegedly - also excluded the Book of Revelation of Saint John from the canon. One has to say "allegedly" because of the dubious authenticity - according to some authors - of the decree (called "canon 60") where the "valid" or "authorized" books are enumerated:

The 60th canon is missing from some manuscripts containing decrees of the council. Some have concluded from this omission that the canon was added later to specify the extent of the preceding 59th canon.

The 59th canon restricted the readings in church to only the canonical books of the Old and New Testaments. The 60th canon listed these books, with the New Testament containing 26 books, omitting the Book of Revelation, and the Old Testament including the 22 books of the Hebrew Bible plus the Book of Baruch and the Epistle of Jeremy.

The referred canons are as follows:  (5)

Canon 59
No psalms composed by private individuals nor any uncanonical books may be read in the church, but only the Canonical Books of the Old and New Testaments.

Canon 60
[N. B.— This Canon is of most questionable genuineness.]
These are all the books of Old Testament appointed to be read: 1, Genesis of the world; 2, The Exodus from Egypt; 3, Leviticus; [...]  And these are the books of the New Testament: Four Gospels, according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; [...]

(1)  Libro_de_Enoc
(2)  Book_of_Enoch
(3)  Council_of_Laodicea
(4)  Canon 59 and Canon 60

The M+G+R Foundation comments: We consider the source - a self serving Administration; nonetheless, they are entitled to their opinion.

It is interesting to note that there is a tell-tale coincidence which may be a clue from God regarding Laodicea and whatever may take place there.

Laodicea was one of the seven churches described in the book of Revelation, and it received a stern rebuke from Jesus [Rev. 3:14-19]. The only more negatively symbolic locations for a Church Council would have been Babylon, Chorazin, Capernaum, and Bethsaida [Matthew 11:21-23] .

More comments about the Administration in the entry below.

Did you know that..... the Roman Catholic Church has revised the Bible eliminating the words "cereal," "booty" and, oddly enough, "holocaust," to help people better understand scripture? (1)

The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE), which was set to make its debut on Ash Wednesday, March 9, aimed to make the text easier to understand by making a number of little tweaks, both subtle and obvious, in hopes of making it easier to read.

Catholic translations of the Bible go back to 1582 when the Douay-Rheims Bible was published. The first edition of the New American Bible was published in 1970.

"It will be like going from regular TV to high-definition," Mary Elizabeth Sperry, associate director of New American Bible utilization for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, told Catholic News Service. "You'll have the same programs but more clarity, more detail."

NABRE was said to feature the first revised translation of the Old Testament since 1970. The Revised Edition also used a translation of the New Testament first published in the 1986 edition of the New American Bible.

The M+G+R Foundation comments: If there is one word that needs to be changed/eliminated from the New Testament is the word "Jew(s)" when used in reference to the enemies and murderers of Christ - as we clearly pointed out in our document, "The Jews Did Not Kill Jesus; The Religious Fanatics Did" (2)

Using that word to associate the enemies and murderers of Christ with all men and women of good will who practice the faith into Jesus was born - Judaism - is an abomination and has been a two thousand year curse upon these people. Who knows? It could have even served as a subconscious trigger for the Holocaust.

Contempt is not a strong enough description to express our feelings for those who took Christianity and transformed it into Babylon [Rev 17:3-5]. At the same time, we praise God for the few members of the religious orders, clergy and hierarchy who, in spite of being under the watchful and bloodshot eye of Babylon managed to deliver the pristine Catholic Faith (3) to the Elect (4) at the time it is most needed - Now!
(1) Source
(2) The Jews Did Not Kill Jesus; The Religious Fanatics Did
(3) A formal declaration about our position regarding the Catholic Faith
(4) Who are the Elect?

Posted on February 7th, 2011

Did you know that.... our review of the latest Fatima film - “Finding Fatima” - may be found here?

and that....

...terrorism based on a faith platform is not the exclusive domain of extremist Muslims and fanatical Christians?

The marble-patterned, hardcover book embossed with gold Hebrew letters looks like any other religious commentary you’d find in an Orthodox Judaica bookstore — but reads like a rabbinic instruction manual outlining acceptable scenarios for killing non-Jewish babies, children and adults.

“The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder’” applies only “to a Jew who kills a Jew,” write Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. Non-Jews are “uncompassionate by nature” and attacks on them “curb their evil inclination,” while babies and children of Israel’s enemies may be killed since “it is clear that they will grow to harm us.”

“The King’s Torah (Torat Hamelech), Part One: Laws of Life and Death between Israel and the Nations,” a 230-page compendium of Halacha, or Jewish religious law, published by the Od Yosef Chai yeshiva in Yitzhar, garnered a front-page exposé in the Israeli tabloid Ma’ariv, which called it the stuff of “Jewish terror.” (1)

(1) News Report

Posted on February 6th, 2011

The Trouble With What Most Consider Science.... but is not, has been aptly expressed in a guest document that we have just published..


Did you hear that.... the State of Israel has changed the course of US foreign policy again? (1)

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's leadership remains crucial for now as the country heads into a transition to democracy, a U.S. envoy who met him this week said Saturday, cautioning that the situation remains precarious.

Frank Wisner (2), who was dispatched to Cairo on Monday, said he is increasingly hopeful that Egypt can manage a peaceful and orderly transition to democracy.

He said by video link from New York to a security conference in Munich that "the flexibility is there, the imagination is there." But he cautioned that "this is a very volatile and dangerous time."

The M+G+R Foundation comments: Once Iran called for an Islamist Revolution in Egypt, the Israeli government went into "high gear" and Washington simply "toed the line". This standard operating procedure of the US government (no matter who the President is and what party he belongs to) will cost us dearly – as we have already stated elsewhere. (3)

As a reminder to any of our readers: We are far from being anti-Semitic. On the contrary - we have clearly explained and proven that the Jews did not crucify Jesus (the religious fanatics did) (4) and we have denounced all the attacks and scorn that the Jews have suffered since 70 AD at the hands of "Christians". However, the Zionist claims (5) - the right of an Israeli State - at any cost and regardless to who will suffer - we summarily reject. As we have said many times, the Jews broke their covenant with God thousands of years ago, so they have no claim to the benefits of said covenant. They could not even keep track of the Holy Ark of the Covenant; they lost it. Much less could they keep the words of the covenant with God.

Familiar as we have become with Divine symbolism after 21 years in His service, we wonder if God allowed the Holy Ark of the Covenant  to be taken away from them to symbolize, in very concrete terms, that the Covenant has been resolutely revoked.
(1) News Report
(2) Meet Mr. Frank G. Wisner if you are able to stomach it.
(3) Elsewhere
(5) About Zionism

Posted for February 4th [First Friday of the Month] and February 5th [First Saturday of the Month], 2011

From (Mr.) LP @ US

With reference to the statement made by miguel de Portugal on the FYI&R page on September 26, 2010, and related posts in the same page (1)....

I had thought that the Return of Christ would be accompanied by a New Creation, such that the natural scars on the planet, left by millennia of human exploitation, natural evil/“entropy”, and the effects of the Chastisement, would be fully healed. That would seem to fit the symbolic descriptions of the state of the world in the Old Testament prophecies of the restoration, and in Revelation 21-22.

In other words, although the human infrastructure – down to and including the remnants of pre-Flood civilizations – would be totally gone, I had believed that the natural order would be restored to the full beauty and abundance that God originally intended, and that He first gave mankind in Eden.

FYI&R page for September 2010

Your belief and understanding are correct - Indeed "..the natural order would be restored to the full beauty and abundance that God originally intended, and that He first gave mankind in Eden."

But to attain that state He must first allow what He announced through Malachias as we posted on February 2nd, 2011:

[1] Behold I send my angel, and he shall prepare the way before my face. And presently the Lord, whom you seek, and the angel of the testament, whom you desire, shall come to his temple. Behold he cometh, saith the Lord of hosts. [2] And who shall be able to think of the day of his coming? and who shall stand to see him? for he is like a refining fire, and like the fuller's herb: [3] And he shall sit refining and cleansing the silver, and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and shall refine them as gold, and as silver, and they shall offer sacrifices to the Lord in justice. [Malachias 3]

We pray that all is now clear, and hope is fully restored in case it faltered.

Did you know that... Japan's '007' Volcano on Kyushu has erupted for the ninth time in a week? (1)

Shinmoedake, a volcano on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu that was featured in the James Bond movie ‘You Only Live Twice,’ erupted for the second time today and the ninth time in a week, Japan’s Meteorological Agency said.

The 1,421-meter (4,660 feet) volcano in the Kirishima range erupted at 12:17 p.m. local time, spewing a cloud of smoke and ash as high as 2,500 meters that drifted east-northeast toward Miyazaki Prefecture’s Pacific coastline, a branch division of the agency said in a statement today. The eruption followed an earlier one at 3 a.m., the agency said.

Japan Airlines Corp., All Nippon Airways Co. and Skymark Airlines Inc., Japan’s biggest discount carrier, said flights to the region may be delayed or diverted because of the ash plume. Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. is no longer warning about delays between Hong Kong and Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.

(1) News Report

and that....

...after once uniting to support regime change in Iraq through an American military invasion, neoconservatives are now divided as they face the prospect of a regime change in Egypt driven by popular internal forces out of America’s control? (1)

As Washington’s foremost champions of pushing to overturn Middle East dictatorships, monarchies and autocracies, these advocates, including former officials of the Bush administration, hail the revolutionary calls for democracy echoing out of Cairo as a belated vindication of their ideology. But the specter of anti-Western and anti-Israeli Islamist groups surging in to fill the political vacuum is giving some of them pause.

“The U.S. should make clear in an unambiguous way that a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt is a danger to American interests and could even lead to American intervention,” David Wurmser, an adviser on the Middle East to vice president Dick Cheney, told the Forward. The Brotherhood is a well-organized and long-suppressed Islamist opposition group in Egypt and is now part of the broad coalition calling for a democratic revolution there.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:
The usual "Monday morning quarter-backing". How can anyone expect an organization like The Brotherhood, which is a well-organized and long-suppressed Muslim opposition group in Egypt and which exists in every country with a muslim majority, to act towards the US and its allies?

Just because our leaders and media lie through their teeth to manufacture a nonexistent reality (2) - the "Reality" and its consequences cannot be escaped.
(1) News Report
(2) In Antonio Salas' El Palestino we can see some examples

and that....

...a confirming amateur video of the alleged UFO over the Dome of the Rock (see our post of February 1st) has made it to the mainline media? (1)

Obviously it was not a photo montage. That may leave three possible explanations: (a) An experiment (practicing for a future deception) using a hologram technique; (b) A visit from an extraterrestrial entity; or (c) The announcement of a future Divine manifestation.

In several Marian apparitions spanning various countries and times, Mary's "entrance" into Time has been made from inside a globe of light just as shown in the videos. The difference in this case is that the appearance and disappearance of the globe of light, in the case of Marian apparitions, have been in much slower motion and not in the sudden motion seen in these videos of the Dome of the Rock.
(1) News Report (Original page no longer available; Sept. 2021)

Posted on February 3rd, 2011

Following are the Religious Days of Note and Marian Feast Days for....


 2nd  Presentation of The Lord (Candlemas)

4th   First Friday of the Month

5th  First Saturday of the Month

11th  Our Lady of Lourdes

15th  Mawlid al-Nabi Mawlid al-Nabi (A Muslim celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam in 570 CE. Sunni Muslims observed it on the 12th of the lunar month of Rabi'-ul-Awwal in the Islamic calendar. Shi'a Muslims celebrate it five days later.)

20th  [Our Lady of Tears]

24th  Discovery of the Head of John the Baptizer (Celebrated by the Orthodox Church)

Posted on February 2nd, 2011 [Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord]

Did you know that.... when the prophet Malachi was speaking about the coming of the Messiah, he was referring to now and not when Jesus came the first time?

In today's Mass reading we "hear" Malachi speaking thus:

[1] Behold I send my angel, and he shall prepare the way before my face. And presently the Lord, whom you seek, and the angel of the testament, whom you desire, shall come to his temple. Behold he cometh, saith the Lord of hosts. [2] And who shall be able to think of the day of his coming? and who shall stand to see him? for he is like a refining fire, and like the fuller's herb: [3] And he shall sit refining and cleansing the silver, and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and shall refine them as gold, and as silver, and they shall offer sacrifices to the Lord in justice.

[4] And the sacrifice of Juda and of Jerusalem shall please the Lord, as in the days of old, and in the ancient years. [5] And I will come to you in judgment, and will be a speedy witness against sorcerers, and adulterers, and false swearers, and them that oppress the hireling in his wages; the widows, and the fatherless: and oppress the stranger, and have not feared me, saith the Lord of hosts. [Malachias 3]

The "give away" pronouncements of the timing being "NOW" are:

(a) "and who shall stand to see him? for he is like a refining fire, and like the fuller's herb: [3] And he shall sit refining and cleansing the silver"; and
(b) "he shall purify the sons of Levi (the clergy), and shall refine them as gold, and as silver, and they shall offer sacrifices to the Lord in justice (offer the proper Divine Liturgy by holy men)"; and
(c)  "I will come to you in judgment, and will be a speedy witness against sorcerers, and adulterers, and false swearers, and them that oppress the hireling in his wages; the widows, and the fatherless: and oppress the stranger, and have not feared me, saith the Lord of hosts."

None of that applied to the First Coming; it all applies to the Second Coming. It almost sounds like some of the Marian Messages since the early 19th century - the ones which were censored, of course.


Have you heard that....
NASA's NEOWISE mission has completed its survey of small bodies, asteroids and comets, in our solar system? (1)

The mission's discoveries of previously unknown objects include 20 comets, more than 33,000 asteroids in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter, and 134 near-Earth objects (NEOs). The NEOs are asteroids and comets with orbits that come within 28 million miles  (2) of Earth's path around the sun.

The M+G+R Foundation comments:
Considering the accuracy, or lack if it, of the million-times-simpler weather forecasts, the above is just "a matter of general interest" and certainly not an assurance.
(1) Report
(2) 28 million miles is a little over 100 times further way than the Earth is from the Moon.

In all sincerity we pray that....
in the face of Category 5 hurricane which has landed in the already punished eastern part of Australia and the record breaking snow storm that is castigating the continental US causing the cancellation of 10,000 (!!!) flights, those who are being directly affected make an effort to "Hear" what God is trying to communicate by allowing such events upon very large areas of heavily populated 1st World countries.

Posted on February 1st, 2011

Did you know that.... most of the information the general public is fed by the political authorities, the dissidents and the media is blatant lies?

If you want to have the ultimate "Reality Check", Click Here, but if you prefer to continue to live in denial, be our guest and surf on to other Domains where Alice, of Wonderland fame, reigns supreme.

and that...

....the International Medical Council on Vaccination has released a groundbreaking report signed by over 80 doctors, surgeons, clinicians and researchers who all refute the mythology and propaganda of the vaccine industry? (1)

The M+G+R Foundation comments (on both): The temptation presented to the authorities, dissident groups, scientists and media to lie is enormous: A most gullible and willing-to-be-deceived general public who wants to live in denial undisturbed until "their number is up".

(1)   Introduction and Access to Report

Have you seen the news report of..... what appears to be a UFO above the Temple of the Mount in Jerusalem?

The brief news report plus an astonishing YouTube amateur video may be accessed through here. [Original page no longer available; Sept. 2021]

We are not certifying its validity but, from a simple observer's point of view, it does not seem to be a fabricated clip.

Please disregard the silly photo-montage at the beginning of the news report, as well as the speculative comments made by the author.

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