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The Coronavirus Deception

In Conclusion

Published on April 24th, 2020


The purpose of this document is to summarize for our readers our position and warnings regarding the COVID-19 deception about which we have been reporting on for weeks:

The coronavirus upheaval is a well planned event by those who are trying to cause a massive global chaos as a preamble to the establishment of a New World Order [which, in turn and unbeknown to them, will lead to the falsification of the Second Coming of Christ]. The initial event has not turned out as expected since the massive global effort to spread the coronavirus panic and start isolating areas, cities and nations was not accompanied by the rapid spread and mortality rate expected.

Its spread and mortality rates completely failed to match the level of alarm continued to be fed to the world population. Therefore, as you can see through the documents listed below, the planners decided to manipulate the numbers of contagion and deaths to suit their perverted agenda, while increasing their warnings to the level of mass hysteria.


Make a note of the date of publication for each document since the deception will be more evident if you review the documents in chronological order.
Part 1 - February 24th - Why essentially ignore the real killer - like Malaria - and get hysterical about coronavirus?

Part 2 - March 2nd - The Coronavirus Deception - Further Explained and Confirmed

Part 3 - March 19th - The Coronavirus Deception - An Alert : What Has Been Achieved and What To Expect Next

Part 4 - March 24th - The Purpose of the Coronavirus Deception May Have Just Been Exposed!

Part 5 - March 31st - The Coronavirus Deception - The Details of Their Game Plan

Part 6 - April 3rd -  The Equivalent of the Mark of the Beast is the "Life Saving" Vaccine


A video has been published (1) of an interview featuring Rashid A. Buttar, DO (2), a highly-credentialed Doctor of Osteopathy. In said video, he is credibly exposing the COVID-19 deception with facts and figures. It is riveting and keeps hitting on relevant points.

His main theme is that physiology is being put in the garbage bin!

Main Stream Media's COVID-19 numbers are contrived lies; RT-PCR testing is not relevant, since 1984 flu shots cause false positive in COVID-19 test results;  Dr Anthony Fauci (3), through the National Institutes of Health, illegally funded COVID-19 testing in China; the purpose of social distancing is to enable monitoring (4)... and a long etc.

This is a "must see" exposé for the Elect who may still be in partial denial, since it covers every warning that we have issued before, plus much, much more.

As expected, Dr. Buttar is being labeled as everything from a quack to a conspiracy theorist - the typical reaction towards anyone who may raise a qualified voice against the World Masters' plans.

After denouncing the COVID-19 deception, as we have been doing since Februaryand now, with the publishing of this interview with Dr. Buttar, we are finished with sounding the warning trumpet on this real conspiracy.

If, after what we have published and Dr. Buttar's exposé, anyone still wants to believe the lie, we have a message for him/her/them:

If you are bound to Heaven, then you have earned every bit of the pain which God will use as He increases the volume of His Megaphone (5) to catch your attention because you have been given much information about this matter. He said it; we didn't!

But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.
[Luke 12:48]

As a matter of fact, miguel de Portugal wishes that, as long as they remain in Purgatory, they do not forget that they were amply warned and could have avoided much of the suffering they now must endure.

In closing, we wish to advise our readership that we have downloaded the video before it disappears from YouTube, should anyone need a copy of it later on.

(1) The Video (Video no longer available in youtube; Sept. 2021)
(2) Rashid A. Buttar, DO
(3) Who Is Dr. Anthony Fauci?
(4) Just take a look at the the plans
(5) The first of our six articles on the COVID-19 deception
(6) God's Megaphone

En Español:  El Engaño del Coronavirus - En Conclusión

Published on April 24th, 2020

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