Historical Dates Associated With the Eighteenth Dynasty and the Beginning of Nineteenth Dynasty

Keeping in mind how hard is to pin down specific dates from nearly 3,500 years ago, we have tried, utilizing the few reliable points of reference, customs of the time,  and the opinions of Egyptologists, combined with the Illumination of the Holy Spirit, to have a reasonable date sequence starting from "The Heretic Pharaoh" - Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten through Ramesses II

Pharaoh                                     Actual Dates Occupying the Throne                      Commentaries                                                                                   

Eighteenth Dynasty

Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten        1349 BC through 1333 BC    +/- 16 years                 Wife: Nefertiti    Key Courtiers:  Ay and Horemheb

Tutankhamun    1333 BC through 1323 BC    +/- 10 years                  Son of  Akhenaten; Wife: A half sister Ankhesenpaaten

1323 BC through 1319  BC    +/- 4 years                  His reported period at times is reported to overlap  that  of Tutankhamun
however, that is not unusual.                                                                       

Horemheb                                     1319 BC through 1306 BC     +/-16 years                He claims his reign lasted from 1333 BC because of his                                                                                                influence in previous Pharaos, namely  Tutankhamun and Ay  .                
Nineteenth Dynasty

Ramses I                                      1306 BC through 1304 BC      +/- 2 years                  A favorite and the vizier of Horemheb

Seti I                                            1303 BC through 1290 BC      +/- 13 years                Son of Ramses I

Ramses II                                   
  1290 BC through 1224           +/- 66 years


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18th Dynasty

Pharaoh Low Chronology
(Stern 1993:1530)
High Chronology
(Stern  1993:1530)
Ahmosis or Ahmose 1550-1525 1570-1546
Amenophis I or Amenhotep I 1525-1504 1546-1526
Thutmosis I or Thutmose I 1504-1492 1525-1512
Thutmosis II or Thutmose II (died at about the age of 30 after a reign of some 14 years) 1492-1479 c. 1512-1504
Hatshepsut (both stepmother and aunt of Thutmose III) 1479-1457 1503-1482
Thutmosis III or Thutmose III 1479-1425 1504-1450
Amenophis II or Amenhotep II 1427-1400 1450-1425
Thutmosis IV or Thutmose IV 1400-1390 1425-1417
Amenophis III or Amenhotep III 1390-1352 1417-1379
Amenophis IV or Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) 1352-1336 1379-1362
Smenkhkare    ?????? 1338-1336 1336-1361
Tutankhamun 1336-1327 1361-1352
Aya 1327-1323 1352-1348
Haremhab 1323-1295 1348-1320